• Please read over our severe weather dismissal plan and plan accordingly. Please be prepared for both dismissal procedures as they could change up to the time of dismissal. 

    Special Weather Related Procedures

    For the safety of staff and students, we will not go outside the building when there is lightning or hail. The district uses Pocket Perry as our designated weather resource for identifying severe weather conditions. We will not dismiss students when there is hail or lightning within 10 miles of the campus. If we are currently experiencing these types of weather, remaining in the building is the safest place to be. The awnings are effective protection from sun and rain, but they do not protect against lightning and hail.

    Safely releasing our students during severe weather will be a slow process. Please expect delays and help us by being patient with this process. The safety of our students is always our first priority.

    Rain, No Lightning - This process maybe slower and there could be more cars to load. Thank you for your patience. 

    • Regular Arrival & Dismissal.  Staff will help students to their cars using umbrellas. 

    • Bus riders are loaded one bus at a time, so all students remain in the building until time to load.


    When there is lightning in the area, parents may wait until the weather has cleared to bring their child to school. District staff will not be outside to receive students but will be at the doors of our normal drop-off locations. Staff members will greet students as early as 7:30 A.M. at the cafeteria/gym doors or the double doors leading into the 4th grade or Kindergarten hallways.  The front loop will taper to one lane of traffic in front of the awnings. You will be directed to pull as far forward as possible before stopping to drop off your child in front of the 4th grade or kindergarten awnings/doors. Our goal is for students to get into the building as quickly as possible.  Front drop off students will be able to enter either the 4th grade or Kindergarten door.  (This means a Kindergartner may unload and enter the 4th grade door or vice versa)  Students will proceed to their designated area (Gym or Cafeteria prior to 7:45 and to their homeroom after 7:45). Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria as usual. Staff will ensure your child travels through the building to the appropriate location. We promise to get them to where they need to go.   


    In case of lightning in the area at the time of dismissal: This is the only scenario in which there is a walk-up option for pick-up

    When there is lightning or hail we will not release students out of the building until a parent comes up to the dismissal hallway and escorts them to their vehicle. Parents may not wave from the car for their child to be dismissed. Parents may wait until the weather has cleared or parents may park along the curb at the pick-up location and walk up to the appropriate dismissal hallway (carrying their pick up sign). Students will be seated in their dismissal hallway. Siblings will be located in the pick-up location of the youngest sibling. Remember to bring a car sign for each of your students, walk up to the entry doors of these locations to request their student(s).

    • Kindergarten and 1st grade (and siblings) in the Kinder hallway;
    • 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grade in 4th-grade hallway;
    • Walkers/bikers in the cafeteria - parents may approach the doors between the cafeteria and gym to get their student(s).
    • Daycare/commercial transportation students will be loaded onto daycare buses/vans when lightning has not been detected in a 10-mile radius of the school for a sustained period.

    If your child walks or bikes home, please make arrangements for pick-up. If you are unable to pick-up, make arrangements to have someone who is on your emergency contact list pick-up. If that isn't an option, you will need to contact our office at (817) 744-6100 with the name of the individual you have authorized to pick up your child today.

    Thank you for helping us get students safely in and out of the building if any type of severe weather occurs. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you have any specific arrival/dismissal questions or concerns.