• Dear Parents and Guardians, 

    I am excited to share with you a unique opportunity that Park Glen Elementary has to offer our students!  As a certified Pet Partner, in membership with the national Pet Partners program, our campus can provide the benefits of animal support, assistance, and therapy to our students with Wylie, a kind and calm goldendoodle.

    Research has shown that the presence of an animal can be beneficial in the community in the following ways:

    • Interactions with therapy animals improves social skills among peers.
    • Children experience better focus and confidence while learning with therapy animals present.
    • Therapy animals have been found to have a positive effect on pain level, particularly with children. 
    • Children are more motivated to participate in treatment and maintain their motivation over time with therapy animals.

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    When Wylie volunteers on-campus students may be selected to participate in a "Walk the Cheetah" PBIS award, a short-term individual meet & greet, a classroom lesson, or walk to enhance skills specifically relevant to that student’s needs.  Wylie will also greet students at the start of the day, visit classrooms, or join in assemblies to provide a calming and thoughtful presence. Typical visits will range from 15-30 minutes and in total will last for no more than two hours in a day, giving him plenty of time to rest between activities.

    Wylie and I enjoy listetning to the children's engaging stories, excitement about "walking a cheetah," and sharing how animals can help us grow. I look forward to another year of supporting our students in their academic and social growth!

    A few notes on care and welfare: 

    • Wylie is a certified therapy dog and is tested every two years for temperament, health, and obedience.
    • Wylie is trained not to lick. 
    • He does not bark - except on rare "squirrel" occasions. 
    • He is a relaxed, "chill" dog, but becomes excited at seeing adults and children at school. (Watch for his wagging tail!)
    • We encourage the students to feel comfortable with him and practice animal safety and awareness. (When approaching we practice, "May I pet Wylie?" and "May I pet your dog?")
    • We ask that only certified service and therapy dogs enter the building or participate at school-sponsored events to ensure the safety of our students and all animals.
    • If you are interested in having your pet help others, please visit the Pet Partners website for more information; perhaps, you and your pet can become a pet partner too-

    If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me at 817-744-5400 or write to me at marci.formby@kellerisd.net

    Sending everyone oodles and "doodles" of goodness,

    Marci Formby

    Marci Formby | Principal