• Everything you need to know about the 2021 Spring Semester

    Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! Learn about the new processes for Spring 2021 and find reminders that not everything has changed at school.


    Students should check AERIES to see how their schedule has changed as ALL students were issued a new schedule for the 2021 Spring Semester. It is possible that a student's schedule could be exactly the same as Fall, but it's also possible to have MANY changes. This could be due to a number of reasons, including switching from remote to in-person learning, asynchronous classes being removed, new teachers, class balancing, a semester-long class ending or another starting, or many, many, many other reasons.

    One thing that hasn't changed are the lunch schedules. After checking your 4th and 5th period, use this link to figure out your lunch time: https://www.kellerisd.net/domain/2328

    Also, check your Keller ISD e-mail address. Teachers should be sending an e-mail on Monday with information about their course for Spring.


    In-person students must be in class during their class period or they will be counted absent. Remote students or quarantined students must be in their course's remote Zoom call at the start of class, unless otherwise instructed by that course's teacher. There are no longer any "remote asynchronous" classes, so teachers will determine which portion of their course can/will be done live and synchronized.

    That does not mean remote or quarantined students will be sitting on Zoom calls all day, instead each class may have a synchronized and asynchronous portion of the class. Think about how some classes would have a lecture portion, discussion portion, or direct instruction element before students work on independent practice like writing, solving equations, or editing a video (okay, that's for Broadcast kids).

    Spring Semester Safety and Security Reminders


    The building will open at 8:00 a.m.

    If a student does not have a reason to arrive early, we ask them to not arrive before 8:20 a.m.

    Students will make their way directly to class when entering the building.

    Student entrances will be limited to the North Front Entrance #1, South Entrance #13, West Side Entrance (Fine Arts Hallway #29), and East Side Entrances (by the Fine Arts Center (FAC) #5 and by the Cafeteria #8). Staff members will be assigned to all entrances. For those entrances that are closed, a staff member will direct those attempting to enter to an open entrance as listed above.

    Students are not allowed to open or prop doors for each other.

    The QR Code/Medical Screener, which is located on the poster at each entrance on campus and on our website, will be completed by all staff members and students prior to entering campus. Random temperature checks will occur as well.

    Masks and ID Badges are required to be worn.

    If a student needs to eat breakfast, they may pick it up in the cafeteria, beginning at 8:00 a.m. It will be eaten in a designated area of the cafeteria.

    Staff members will be stationed throughout the building to monitor students and ensure masks are being worn and that students are social distancing.

    Passing Periods:

    Tape has been placed in all hallways to ensure separation between two-way traffic. Students must stay to the right side of the hallway as they travel from one class to the next.

    The Main Hall Center Staircase that leads to the cafeteria will permit one-way down traffic only.

    The Fine Arts Hallway will permit a one-way traffic flow only.

    Students will be released by classroom/teacher at the end of each class period to provide a staggered release and reduce the number of students in the hallways at one time.


    Students will be released by classroom/teacher at the end of each day to provide a staggered release. Students will be expected to exit the building upon dismissal, and teachers will lead their classes to the nearest exit. Congregating in the hallways or other areas is prohibited.

    Students will not be allowed to stay in the building past 4:00 p.m., except for approved athletic/fine arts/extracurricular activities. Students involved in these activities will exit the building upon dismissal and then meet their sponsor/coach outside of the building and will be escorted back into the building.

    Students involved in after-school activities must report to their designated meeting areas within 10 minutes of dismissal.


    Lunches will take place during 4th/5th period. During their designated lunch time, students will eat in the cafeteria along with other areas of the building that will be set up with individual tables. One student per table will be allowed.

    Lunches will be scheduled for specific classes in specific hallways.

    Three hot options and one cold option will be available for food choices.

    Hand sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the cafeteria and the building.

    Lunches will be available in designated serving lines and will be packaged so that students can grab and go. Parents/guardians will be able to add money to their students' account online. Students will swipe their ID badge when paying. Students may use their ID badge from previous years until they receive a new one for the current school year.

    Students without their ID badge will use a designated line. Staff will key in the student ID number if the student does not have an ID badge.

    Lunch tables will be cleaned between lunches by custodial staff.

    Food drop-offs or deliveries from parents/guardians or third parties (Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.) are prohibited at all times during the school day.


    A maximum of two students will be allowed in the restroom at a time.

    All staff members will utilize the E-Hall Pass Program when students leave the classroom. Teachers will train students on how to use this new program.

    Stickers have been placed 6 feet apart outside of each restroom to ensure social distancing.


    Students will always be required to wear masks, unless they are actively eating or drinking in the cafeteria during breakfast or lunch.

    If a student is not wearing a mask, they will be asked to wear it. If the student chooses not to wear their mask, the parent will be contacted, and the student will go home. Remote Learning options will then be discussed.


    Club and organization meetings will take place on zoom.


    Custodians will be frequently cleaning high traffic areas throughout the day and replenishing cleaning supplies for teachers and hand sanitizing stations.

    Upon dismissal each day, the school will be cleaned with the use of electrostatic sprayers.

    Custodial staff will clean and sanitize the cafeteria after breakfast and between all lunches.

    Student Check-Out:

    If a student needs to be dismissed during the school day for early release, parents/guardians must either email or call their attendance clerk to have their student dismissed
    (Last Name A-K: elizabeth.harper@kellerisd.net/817-744-2340 & Last Name L-Z: debra.boehringer@kellerisd.net/817-744-2341).

    Students will meet their parent/guardian outside of the school building.

    Nurse Notes:

    Students who need to take medication will enter through the Counseling Office directly to the Nurse’s Office.

    If a student is ill, the student will be isolated in the Nurse’s Office until a parent/guardian can pick them up.