• Campus Mascot:​ Charger
    Campus Colors: Crimson and Gold

    ​​​​Our Vision/Value Statement

    • ​​​Clear communication with the Friendship Elementary School Community.
    • Effective school leadership which in turn fosters mutual respect and trust.
    • A positive and supportive environment exemplified by professionalism, respect for ourselves and students.
    • An emotionally and physically safe atmosphere where listening, trusting, showing respect and promoting unity is demonstrated by the staff and students.
    • A school wide discipline plan that clearly reflects high expectations and fosters a climate of mutual trust and respect between staff and students.
    • Consistent, effective procedures and routines to build an environment of safety security, and maximum opportunities for learning.
    • Active leadership to be modeled, applied and focused on responsibility and good citizenship.
    • An educational emphasis on aligned curriculum and technology.
    • Ongoing professional staff development that reflects student and staff needs.
    • Mutual collaboration between the school, parents, and the WSES community for the effective educational support of each child.

    ​​Our Goals

    • All students will achieve educational excellence.​
    • All systems in the Keller ISD will be effective, efficient, and accountable in support of the district’s mission.
    • Keller Independent School District will recruit, develop, and retain a diverse highly qualified staff.
    • The Keller Independent School District will develop and promote positive community relations through effective communication, the involvement of stakeholders, and the establishment of business and community partnerships.
    • Keller Independent School District facilities and services will be operated in a safe manner so that all students and employees may thrive in a secure and nurturing environment.​

    Performance in Community and Student Engagement (CASE)