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  • Jennifer Welch, Campus Secretary  

    email:  jennifer.welch@kellerisd.net

    phone: 817.744.3410










    Glenda Taylor, Attendance

    email:  glenda.taylor@kellerisd.net

    phone:  817.744.3440










    Cassandra Smith, Registrar

    email:  cassandra.smith@kellerisd.net

    phone: 817.744.3411











    Stacy Branum, Substitute Coordinator

    email:  Stacy.Branum@kellerisd.net

    phone:  817.744.3449











    Melina Morris, AP Secretary

    email:  melina.morris@kellerisd.net

    phone: 817.744.3350







    Maribel Medrano, Receptionist

    email: maribel.medrano@kellerisd.net

    phone:  817.744.3350







    Nada Saadala, ISS Coordinator

    email:  Nada.saadala@kellerisd.net

    phone:  817.744.3419





    Samuel Hernandez, Campus Security

    email:  samuel.hernandez@kellerisd.net

    phone:  817.744.3350