Parkview Elementary offers bi-lingual Vietnamese classes for Keller ISD students

  • Keller ISD is committed to providing an effective Bilingual program which supports academic achievement, the development of bilingualism, biliteracy and cross-cultural awareness. It is Keller's mission to achieve the highest standards of performance by providing exceptional educational opportunities for all students.

    Parkview Elementary has classes in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade for bi-lingual Vietnamese students for the Keller Independent School District.

    Classroom teachers are:

    Pre-Kindergarten - Ms. Mary Pham

    Kindergarten - Ms. Lin Ehmann

    First Grade - Ms. Chau Nguyen

    Second Grade - Ms. Yvan Tang

    Third Grade -  Ms. Mai Eang

    Fourth Grade -  Ms. Amy Lay

    Fifth Grade - Ms. Lan Dinh and Mr. Quang To

    They are led by - Ms. Xuan Nguyen

    Assistants - Ms. Dianne Nguyen and Ms. Kim Huynh