• My student will be absent today.  How should I report the absence?

    Please email Crystal DeCicco at: or call 817-744-3118 the morning your student is absent and please provide:

    Student’s first and last name


    Reason for absence

    Your name, your relationship to the student, and your contact phone number


    Who do I contact for attendance?

    Crystal Decicco: email or call 817-744-3118.


    My student will leave or arrive during the school day.  What should I do?

    All students will be signed out/in at the front office. 

    If arriving late or leaving early for a doctor’s appointment, turn the doctor’s note into the front office upon arrival or return to school.  No call is necessary.

    If arriving late for any other reason, please send a written note with your student.


    If you receive a phone call or email stating your student missed one or more periods, but he/she was at school:

    View the student’s attendance in Aeries to determine the period(s) in question.  From a laptop or desktop, hold the cursor over the date in question to see the period.

    Students should pick up an Attendance Correction Form in the front office, have it signed by the teacher and return it to the attendance office.

    Or the teacher may be contacted by email for clarification and corrections will be emailed to the attendance clerk. 


    Accepted parent documentation of other absences during the current school year includes a written note, phone call, or fax 817-744-3138.


    Truancy Letter 

    Truancy Letter 2019-2020 (Spanish)

    Truancy Letter 2019- 2020 (Vietnamese)