• Welcome to the Keller ISD Substitute Connection!

    Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching with the Keller Independent School District. If you are interested in applying for a Substitute position, please view the Substitute Application Information below.

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    Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute with Keller ISD. To ensure accurate and timely processing of your application, please follow the instructions as written below.

    Substitute Qualifications and Rates
    To be the substitute for a classroom teacher, a minimum of 30 official college hours are required. If you have a high school diploma or equivalent, then you may only substitute in an aide position (classroom or office aide).

    The daily rate of pay for a substitute teachers in KISD is based on the applicant's educational qualifications. The qualifications are determined by official transcripts and/or proof of certification. These rates are as follows:

    • High School Diploma - $66.00/day
    • 30 college hours or more - $73.00/day
    • Bachelor or higher degree - $88.00/day
    • Texas Certified Teacher - $90.00/day

    Nurse Substitute Pay Scale is as follows:

    • LVN Substitute – $85.00/day
    • RN/BSN Substitute – $125.00/day

    All applicants must:

    1. Complete the pre-application training requirements (see pre-application process below) 
    2. Complete the substitute application (see application process below) **An online application will be available soon! Please proceed with registering for an orientation date.
    3. Sign-up and attend an orientation at our district offices (see application process below) 
    4. Provide all necessary documentation, paperwork, and clear a mandated background check. (see post-application process below) 

    Pre-Application Process

    Non-Certified Substitute Applicants/Alternative-Certified Substitute Applicants
    Keller ISD utilizes the Substitute Teacher Training Program designed by Utah State University Substitute Teaching Institute and delivered by This training program is a required part of the substitute application process. Substitute applicants are required to complete the SubSkills Online Training Package™ and pass the Online SubAssessment™ with a composite score of 85% or greater. Applicants who hold a valid Texas Teaching Certificate or substitute teacher certification may waive the training and assessment portions.

    There is a cost of $39.95 associated with the SubSkills Online Training Package™, which will be the responsibility of the applicant. Payment may be made online by credit card, check or money order. This cost will not be reimbursed by Keller ISD. The training fee provides the applicant online access for one year to:

    1. The 25-minute SubEssential Introductory Training™ video and district policies and procedures for which substitutes will be held accountable.
    2. SubSkills Online Training Course™ and materials
    3. A variety of downloadable forms, reports, and over 75 activities that can be used in the classrooms
    4. The online SubAssessment™ which is designed to "assess" or evaluate how well the material has been mastered.

    The training may only be taken over the internet and includes 6-10 hours of interactive SubEssentials™ and SubSkills™ training. If you prefer not to study at a computer, you may purchase a handbook for an additional $19.95. It takes an average of thirty minutes to complete each of the five SubAssessment™ sections. Candidates may take each SubAssessment™ a maximum of four times, to obtain a passing score of at least 85 percent.

    Once training is complete, applicants should print or save a copy of the SubDiploma™ for their records. You will need to attach a copy to the completed Keller ISD Substitute Application. To access the online training, go to Select "Shop" in the top menu bar then select "Purchase Courses."

    Texas Certified Substitute Applicants

    Applicants who have a valid Texas Teaching Certificate are not required to and may waive the training and assessment portions.  You may elect to complete the SubEssentials: Introductory Training™ delivered by if you feel it would be helpful, however fees associated with this 20-minute training will be the responsibility of the applicant. To access the online SubEssentials™, go to Select "Shop" in the top menu bar then select "Purchase Courses."  Certified substitute applicants must also register and attend a Keller ISD substitute orientation session.

    Application Process

    After successfully completing the SubEssential™, SubSkills™ training, and passing the SubAssessment™ with a composite score of 85% or greater, applicants are ready to complete the Keller ISD Substitute Application. You must attach a copy of your SubDiploma™ , or your current Valid Texas Teaching Certificate, to the application. Your attachment must be in a .PDF, .RTF, .PXT, or .HTM format. Once the application has been completed, you may register for the first available Substitute Orientation class (sign up below).

    After completing the Substitute Application online and attaching your teacher certification or sub diploma, you must register for a mandatory Substitute New Hire Orientation. All Substitute New Hire Orientations will be held at the Keller ISD's Education Center.  Each orientation begins at 9:00a.m. and lasts approximately three hours.  

    To register for an upcoming orientation session, please click on the date: 

    Orientation Date

    Registration Deadline

    March 20, 2019

    March 6, 2019

    April 10, 2019

    April 3, 2019

    Post-Application Process

    A few days prior to orientation, you will receive an email confirming the exact date, time and location of the orientation along with a new hire packet that must be completed and submitted electronically. Please use your legal name (as it appears on your social security card) for all electronic signatures.

    Required State Fingerprinting Process
    The 80th Legislative Session authorized Senate Bill 9 which expands the criminal history review by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) to all public school employees including substitutes. Substitutes must complete this process prior to being hired at KISD. Substitutes must pay a fee of $54.20 for this process. These fees will not be reimbursed by KISD. If you have had your fingerprints completed for another Texas School District, you should not have to have this process repeated; however, if you have completed fingerprinting for other reasons (including childcare providers, handgun license, etc.) you will be required to have them registered again to meet the requirements outlined in Senate Bill 9. Click here to view TEA Fingerprinting Rules and Senate Bill 9.

    If you require fingerprints to be completed, we will supply you the appropriate forms within the week leading up to your scheduled orientation.


    • A valid driver's license and social security card
    • Official transcripts from a college or university showing your official college hours and the date your degree is conferred, if applicable. (NOTE: Official college transcripts will not be kept. Copies and unofficial transcripts cannot be accepted.) 
    • For aide positions, a high school transcript or equivalent. 
    • Ball-point ink pen either blue or black.