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Student Testimonials

"The best thing for students is to have choices they can choose and opportunities they can do while still getting good grades."

"My experience with iChoose has been very good. The teachers at iChoose have been very helpful, not just by answering my emails but also giving me help in person when I am on campus when I need it. "

"iChoose has helped me prepare myself for college. iChoose is great for those self-motivated because it’s easy to get ahead and put less stress on yourself."

"It's great if you are good at self-motivation and could use the time you would be in a structured school setting to work."

"I've really enjoyed the flexibility of iChoose. The teachers are very helpful. Overall, I've had a very positive experience!"

"It’s given me the opportunity to work more and save up for college while also giving me the education I need. "

"Being able to work at my own pace and create my own schedule has been so nice, but I also don’t feel alone. My teachers and other support staff are always there to answer any questions and guide me through any hardships! iChoose has taught me a lot & I’m so grateful KISD offers this!"

"It made school much easier and bearable for my senior year. So far, it allows me to attend my internship and do my school work on my own schedule and I really enjoy it."

"It's a very freeing program that will allow you to tailor your schedule IF you are willing to put in the effort and learn how to self-regulate."