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School Safety & Drill Procedures

In Keller ISD, student and employee safety is our top priority, and the District’s Safety and Security Department strives to be creative and innovative in exploring new ideas for safety while continuing to follow school safety best practices. 

Keller ISD follows a proactive threat assessment protocol that has been implemented District-wide and addresses threats before students act. The comprehensive threat assessment includes a review of any threat by local law enforcement, campus administration, and a counselor.

Educational tools have been created including public service announcements that have been shown to students and staff reminding them to report anything they see that may be suspicious. The District also uses a roundtable discussion approach when a student behavior concern is reported, so that an intervention plan can be developed, documented, and implemented. The core responses to threats and hazards are done through our Standard Response Protocol.

Additionally, all of our campuses are equipped with security cameras and hold annual lockdown drills. 

Please see the topics below for more details on how Keller ISD keeps its students and staff safe: