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Substitute Pay Rates

2023-2024 Keller ISD Substitute Pay Scale

Consecutive Work Status

Consecutive work status begins on the 11th consecutive day and is established by fulfilling half or full day assignments for teachers, paraprofessionals, and some District positions. The work location may vary daily from campus to campus, within an individual campus or across the District. The daily rate of pay will increase by $10 and continue until there is a break in service, at which time the daily rate returns to the Regular Rate and the daily count reverts to Day 1. 

Long-Term Assignments

A long-term assignment is defined as any teaching assignment extending over 10 consecutive days for the same teacher.  If the long-term assignment is scheduled in advance for longer than 10 consecutive days, then the long-term rate will begin on day 1 of each long-term assignment. If a teaching assignment starts as a regular assignment (less than 10 days) and is extended past ten days, then the long-term rate will begin on consecutive day 11 of the assignment. Paraprofessional (Aide) assignments do not qualify for Long-term Pay, but do qualify for the Consecutive Day Rate in a long-term position. 

After being placed on the long-term rate, the principal may approve occasional absences without jeopardizing the long-term rate. Each scheduled long-term assignment begins with day 1 pay regardless of concurrent long-term assignments.  

2023-2024 Paraprofessional Substitute Pay Scale