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Student Teaching, Practicum & Classroom Observation

Keller ISD welcomes student/clinical teachers, intern/practicum, and student observation applicants during the fall and spring semesters!

All clinical teachers and early field experience applicants must complete an Online Application to be considered for placement with Keller ISD. A criminal background check will be processed by our Human Resources Department.  University and certification program partnerships and/or confidentiality agreements must be on file before placement can begin.   

Please note that completion of the application and placement request form does not guarantee a placement.

HR Contact 

Jennifer Love
Employee Engagement Coordinator

Application Timelines

What Happens Next?

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Once submitted, our department will conduct a background check. 
  3. Upon approval by the Human Resources Department, you must complete a Placement Request form that will be sent to you by email. You will need to provide our department with certification information, supervisor/field experience director’s contact information, and any relevant details for an appropriate placement.
  4. Human Resources will work directly with the campus principals and/or appropriate supervisors in placement of student teachers and observers.
  5. An authorization with campus assignment(s) will be emailed to the candidate, mentor teachers, supervisor and principal once approval has been granted. Candidates are then able to contact the assigned campus and cooperating teacher(s). A picture ID and the HR approved authorization email must be provided to the campus upon initial reporting for student teaching or observation. 

Please note:

  • Campus principals reserve the right to limit the number of student candidates permitted on their campus at any given time. Placement requests directly from candidates to campuses via email or phone calls will not be permitted. Please be advised that specific teacher requests may not be honored.  
  • Observation candidates are also encouraged to consider applying for substitute teacher positions.