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Early Learning

Keller ISD's Early Learning Department provides all early learners with a high quality program that includes developmentally appropriate curriculum supporting the needs of the whole child in a safe, accessible environment that respects and supports diversity.  

The Early Learning Department strives to ensure that all staff and educators are knowledgeable and well trained in research-based early childhood best practices to provide students with a setting that creates family partnerships and meets individual student needs. 

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Pre-Kindergarten is a special program for eligible four-year-old students, designed to meet the needs of a child's early years, which represent a period of rapid growth. It is during this period that key concepts are developed which directly correlate to a student's future academic success. Pre-Kindergarten is an exciting time for students and for parents. For many families, Pre-Kindergarten is the introduction into the public school system.

Full-Day Pre-Kindergarten

Early Learning Contacts

Christy Johnson
Director of Early Learning Programs

Kelly Johnston 
Coordinator for KEEP
(Keller Early Enrichment Program) 

Melinda Smith
Educational Support Specialist

PRE-K Questions:
ELC North 817-744-6700
ELC South 817-743-8300

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