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Keller ISD is committed to providing exceptional educational resources to help engage students in exceptional educational opportunities. 

Instructional resources include instructional materials and library materials. Instructional materials are designed to teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and further the District's educational mission, including textbooks, supplementary resources for classroom use, and any other instructional resources, including electronic resources, used for formal or informal teaching and learning purposes. Library materials, whether held in a formal school library or in a classroom, are defined in Keller ISD Board Policy as electronic, print, and nonprint resources, excluding textbooks, for independent use by students and faculty outside of the District's core educational program. 

New Board Policies EFA (Local) and EFB (Local), governing the acquisition and review of instructional and library materials, are now posted online. Included in the policies are the processes by which parents, students, employees, or community members can challenge the appropriateness of a particular book or material. Also posted is the exhibit document for EFB (Local), which provides Content Guidelines to consider when re-evaluating individual titles. 

Please note, these new policies were adopted in alignment with a Corrective Action Plan issued to the District by the Texas Education Agency. TEA conducted an investigation into Keller ISD’s library policies last year, and while the investigation resulted in no findings of fault, TEA’s Corrective Action Plan requested the District adopt a policy similar to its model EFB (Local) policy. After being requested by Keller ISD, TEA has allowed the Corrective Action Plan to now be released publicly.  

With these policies in place, the process of re-evaluating library books that had been challenged by parents last school year is underway. The community can follow the progress of those reviews on our website.

The District's goal is to work through these re-evaluations as quickly as we can while respecting the revised policy language and processes.