COVID-19 Campus Safety Protocol

  • Keller ISD is continuing to monitor COVID-19 developments and will update its guidance, as needed, to keep students and staff safe.  

    Keller ISD will continue to observe the following practices: 

    • Face Masks: Strongly encouraged for students and employees
      While Keller ISD is still operating under Executive Order No. GA-38, during this spike in cases, the District strongly encourage the use of face masks within District facilities.
    • COVID-19 Vaccinations: Not required, but encouraged
      For those eligible, the CDC has recommended getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but an individual’s vaccination status will not prohibit them from entering Keller ISD facilities. 
    • Health Self-Screenings: Requested daily
      Students and employees should perform a self-check of COVID-19-related symptoms prior to boarding a bus or entering a Keller ISD facility. Please do not come to school if you are sick or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.
    • Social Distancing: Encouraged, where possible
      When space and circumstances allow, students and employees are encouraged to maintain distance from others. 
    • Hand Hygiene: Continued priority
      Hand sanitizer will continue to be provided throughout Keller ISD facilities, and students will be provided frequent hand-washing opportunities throughout the school day. 
    • Facility Cleaning: Frequent
      Keller ISD’s Facility Services team will continue to focus on high-touch surfaces and deep cleaning any areas of concern. 

    The following are Keller ISD's current procedures and notification processes for positive COVID-19 cases: 

    • Individuals (or parents/guardians, in the case of a student) are urged to self-report the diagnosis by filling out Keller ISD’s online Self-Reporting Form at www.KellerISD.net/SelfReport
    • Individuals testing positive must remain home for 10 days. The isolation period begins (Day 1) the day after symptom onset or the day after the individual receives a positive test. The individual can return to school on the 11th day. Students remaining home will be treated as if they are absent for any other illness. There will be no synchronous learning option made available, but students will be provided access to lessons and materials through their class’s learning management platform. Last year's TEA guidelines allowed for remote learning, but those guidelines have since expired. 
    • Keller ISD will notify parents of possible exposure in their child’s classroom. Parents will now receive a notification any time a student or teacher in their student’s classroom has reported a positive COVID-19 test result. The notification will include which class is involved and the last day the individual was on campus.
    • Each new case will be reported to the District’s new COVID-19 Case Dashboard as they are submitted through the Self-Reporting Form. The Dashboard will provide data to anyone interested in monitoring the number of positive cases in KISD or at an individual campus. Due to Dashboard updates that provide a more real-time look at current positive cases and increased notifications through the classroom notification protocol, Keller ISD will no longer send home weekly notifications each Friday afternoon. 
    • Individuals exhibiting COVID-like symptoms while at school or work and have had contact with COVID-positive individual must isolate themselves at home for 10 days or until they can provide proof of a negative test result. 
    • Those who may have been in contact with a COVID-positive individual, but have not exhibited COVID symptoms are not required to quarantine. These individuals are, however, strongly encouraged to monitor closely for COVID-like symptoms, and should symptoms present themeslves, the individual should remain home and consult their physician. 
    • If a household family member has tested positive for COVID-19, Keller ISD strongly encourages parents to keep students in that household home from school and employees in that household to remain home from work. If the student or employee is symptom free, they should remain home during the positive individual's 10-day isolation period. If the student or employee displays COVID-like symptoms, they should contact their health provider and remain home for an additional 10 days from symptom onset and until symptom free. 
    • Returning After Isolation/Quarantine: Students or employees who have isolated due to a positive test or quarantined due to potential contact with a COVID-positive individual may return 10 days after symptom onset (in the case of a positive test result) or 10 days after contact with a positive case, provided that they are free of COVID-like symptoms. No student or employee should return to the school environment until they have been symptom free for at least 24 hours. 
    • Students that remains home due to testing positive for COVID-19 or because of their exposure to a positive case will be considered absent. The Texas Education Agency made exceptions in its attendance policies for COVID-related absences during the 2020-21 school year, but those exceptions were not applied to the current school year. Families are encouraged to communicate with their student’s school that a student is absent for COVID-related reasons by providing documentation in the form of a parent or doctor's note. Keller ISD schools will work with families to make sure the student has school work to help continue learning while at home, and when the student returns we will help the student close any learning gaps that occur as a result of missing instructional time. Additionally, at the high school level, there will not be any attendance requirements for semester exam exemptions this year. 

    Other updates to Keller ISD’s safety policies include: 

    • Visitors will be allowed on campuses, including parents or guardians who want to visit their student for lunch. Please follow each campus’s procedures related to welcoming visitors back to campus. 
    • Those entering Keller ISD facilities will no longer be required to complete an online screening form. Anyone entering a school or district building will be encouraged to perform a self-screening of COVID-19 symptoms before arriving, and will be asked to remain home if exhibiting symptoms. 
    • Parents or guardians may drop off items for their students. Each campus will have its own procedures for where and how to drop off such items. 

    We are looking forward to great things in the 2021-22 school year, and appreciate your cooperation in our efforts to keep our community safe. 

    Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions regarding these COVID-19 practices.

    Notice 8/31/21: As you may be aware, Keller ISD is experiencing a high volume of positive COVID-19 cases reported daily. While we are still operating under Executive Order No. GA-38, during this spike in cases, we strongly encourage the use of face masks within District facilities. We are also asking for continued support from our families by reminding you to keep students home from school if they are sick or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

    Notice 8/20/21: As discussions around mask mandates continue across the state we are closely monitoring the situation. Despite the State Supreme Court's decision Thursday, August 19, Keller ISD's understanding is that the Executive Order has not been struck down or nullified. The only thing we know with some certainty is that, for now, the Governor will not fine entities that have a mask mandate in place. The fact that the Executive Order isn't enforceable does not mean mask mandates are allowable. The Governor's order still applies to us. We know this is an important issue for many of our families, and we know that there are strong feelings about masks. We encourage everyone to remember that we're in this together and to treat those you encounter with respect. 

    Employee COVID-19 Reporting Guidelines