What is The Big Event?

  • The Big Event was introduced in 1982 at Texas A&M University and has become the largest one-day, student-run service project in the United States. 

    Modeled after Texas A&M's program, The Big Event in Keller ISD will also be a one-day service project open to all KISD students, their parents and guardians, teachers, and staff members from all of our 42 campuses. Each campus will participate in various service activities, which will be age- and grade-level appropriate, and will vary from campus to campus and community to community. 

    Our event is designed to not only join and unite our district together through service-oriented activities, but also to tangibly say, "Thank you," to those in the community who support the District. 

    Please click below for answers to frequently asked questions about The Big Event! 

  • When is The Big Event?

  • Is The Big Event mandatory?

  • How do I know what my job will be?

  • Are the jobs on- or off-campus?

  • How long will each job last?

  • What is a typical "job?"

  • Do parents have to be there with their kid(s)?

  • What if I want to do a job that is not listed?

  • What if I'm in one feeder pattern and want to do a job listed in another feeder pattern?

  • My school is doing a certain job, but my schools' sports team/club/organization is doing another. Which do I choose?

  • I have children at two different schools that are serving on projects at the same time. What do I do?

  • I have children at two different schools that are serving on projects at two different times. Can my family go to both?

  • I am a teacher at one school, but my child goes to another school. Which school do I volunteer with on this day?

  • I'm a member of a church or organization listed where volunteering is taking place, but my campus isn't the one volunteering there. What do I do?

  • I or one of the volunteers in my group need special accommodations. What do I do?

  • What do we need to provide for our job(s)

  • Will you offer service hours credit for this event?

  • Where will check-in be on the day of The Big Event?

  • What if there is rain or inclement weather?

  • What if I need to leave a job site early?

  • I can't be there on the day of The Big Event, but I want to participate. What can I do?

  • Will food and drinks be offered?

  • What do I wear?