Student Transfer Information

  • The 2024-25 student transfer window has closed. 

  • Keller ISD Resident or Currently Enrolled Student Request
    Application Window: February 1-May 31, 2024

    When reviewing student transfer requests, the requesting campus administrators will consider each request on an individual basis and decisions will be made depending on space availability, along with adherence to the following guidelines: 

    • Student's academic, attendance (including tardiness), and behavioral history; 
    • Student's need for special education services not provided at home campus; 
    • Evidence of physical or medical needs of students; and 
    • Feeder pattern progression (students are not guaranteed progression through feeder pattern campuses).

    Meeting any or all of the above criteria does not guarantee approval. Keller ISD will not increase staffing allocations to accommodate transfer requests. Consideration of the effect of the transfer may differ at elementary and secondary schools. 

    All transfer decisions made by campus principals are final and may not be appealed.

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  • Non-Residents of Keller ISD
    Application Window: May 1-31

    Students who reside outside the Keller ISD attendance zone and are not currently enrolled in the District must include the student's most recent attendance and grade reports and disclose any discipline issues from the student's previous school at the time of application. Applications will not be considered unless those reports are included. 

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  • Student Transfers for Keller ISD Employees 

    Non-Resident of KISD: Full-time KISD employees not living within Keller ISD boundaries have an option to transfer their child(ren) into Keller ISD schools. 

    Resident of KISD: Full-time KISD employees living within the Keller ISD boundaries may request to transfer their child(ren) to a different school within Keller ISD. 

    These requests will be evaluated with the same guidelines as all other transfer requests. Therefore, your student must be in good standing with their current campus in regard to attendance and discipline. A separate student transfer link for employees can be found in KCloud on the "Employee Student Transfer" tile. 


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