• Foreign Exchange Student Placement Process


    1. The foreign exchange agency shall contact the district foreign-exchange contact person after March 1 and prior to July 15 to inquire whether any openings are available at a particular high school.  
      • Placements will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.  
      • Waiting lists will not be maintained to hold an agency’s or student’s request for enrollment.  
      • Only completed documentation will be accepted 
      • KISD is limited to a maximum of 5 foreign exchange students per comprehensive high school.


    1. If an opening is available, the agency representative shall email the application for enrollment (see KISD Acknowledgement of Foreign Exchange Student Guidelines & Application for Enrollment), including all required documents/records to the KISD foreign exchange contact. Faxed or incomplete application packets will not be considered for placement. 


    1. Once the required documentation has been received and verified, the application will be signed by the foreign exchange program director, thus approving the exchange student for enrollment. The director will also sign any form required by the agency at this time. 


    1. The agency representative and/or the host family will receive a copy of the approved application. This document will also be provided to the high school campus lead counselor in preparation for enrollment. 
      • The host family should contact the counseling center at the approved KISD high school before arriving on campus to enroll the exchange student. Campuses have different enrollment procedures, which may include scheduling an appointment.


        For additional information, please contact: 

        Esmeralda Puente
        Counseling Programs Administrative Assistant