Virtual Learning Option

  • Keller ISD offered a Virtual Learning Option for students in grades K-6 for the first three months of the school year, but this offering concluded on November 12.

    This temporary, asynchronous virtual classroom option (no live instruction) was provided for students in grades K-6 who would prefer to attend school remotely instead of in person. This learning environment allowed students to engage in at-home virtual learning, utilizing Keller ISD instructional resources in kindergarten through sixth grade – ages where COVID-19 vaccinations are not yet available.

    VLO students were welcomed back to campuses on November 29. VLO lessons ended on November 12, and the week of November 15-19 was used as a transition week for VLO students to visit their home campuses, meet their teachers, and re-engage in the campus teacher’s learning management system to review content on which in-person students have been working. Keller ISD’s Fall Break was November 22-26.

    Keller ISD leaders had hoped that Senate Bill 15 – passed in August during the Texas Legislature’s second special session – would provide funding for continued virtual learning within the District, but the law’s strict eligibility requirements prevent it from fully funding KISD’s virtual program.