•                                 TCC Enrollment Process






    Apply for TCC as a dual credit student

    A student must apply to be a TCC student for enrollment.

    TCC Application

    Instructional Video


    Obtain TCC ID and submit it to the campus counseling office.

    Once the application is complete, a student will receive a TCC #ID.  This number needs to be given to your campus counselor.

    Contact campus counseling office


    Are you exempt or waived through PSAT, SAT, or ACT?

    If a student is exempt, then they will not have to take the TSIA2 for college placement.  If you are exempt or waived scores must be sent to TCC.

    Testing Scores


    Pre-Assessment Activity 

    The Pre-Assessment Activity is required prior to taking the TSIA-2.

    If you attend or plan to attend TCC

    You must complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) before you can register for the TSI Assessment. The PAA provides an overview of the TSI Assessment, including sample questions and additional resources to help you study.

    To complete the PAA,

    1. Log in to WebAdvisor.
    2. Select the Pre-Assessment Activity link, located under the Prepare to Register heading.


    TSIA2 Test Prep 

    This will provide some test preparation for the TSIA2.  

    Test Preparation 


    TSIA2 Testing on Campus

    Students are currently taking the TSIA-2 in person on the campus at designated times.  

    Contact campus counseling office 


    Online Readiness Requirement

    This course is required for all online courses including all summer courses. It will ensure that you are ready for an online course.

    Online Readiness Registration Requirement


    Online registration for assigned TCC courses

    Using the course sections provided, please enroll online through TCC.

    How to Register for Classes - Tarrant County College (tccd.edu)- select “How do I register for dual credit classes”

    DUAL Credit Enrollment Instructions - YouTube


    Contact TCC if accommodations are requested.

    Students who currently receive accommodations must contact the TCC NW Student Accessibility Resource (SAR) office and be approved.

    NW SAR Office



    Pay for course(s)

    Each course is approximately $192.

    Payment Information


    #Not Anymore Requirement

    This course is a sexual harassment course required of college students.  It will take approximately 30 minutes.

    Take the Online Training

    Access the #NotAnymore training on the Student Resources page in Canvas.