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    Below are a number of topics related to the reopening of Keller ISD schools for the 2020-21 school year. 

    All of this content can be found in KISD's comprehensive Back to School Plan document and other locations on the KellerISD.net Back to School pages, but are conveniently arranged alphabetically on this page. 

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    Added School Day Minutes

    Keller ISD's Board of Trustees approved a revised 2020-21 Instructional Calendar on August 17 that maintains previously planned holidays and breaks, but accommodates for lost instructional minutes due to delaying the first day of school to August 26 by adding 15 minutes to each instructional day this school year. The updated school schedules will be as follows: 

    Early Learning Centers | 8:10 a.m.-3:40 p.m. (12:10 p.m. Early Release)
    Elementary Schools | 7:55 a.m.-3:25 p.m. (11:55 a.m. Early Release)
    Intermediate Schools | 7:45 a.m.-3:15 p.m. (11:45 a.m. Early Release)
    Middle Schools | 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. (12:30 p.m. Early Release)
    High Schools | 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. (12:30 p.m. Early Release)

    These additional minutes will impact campuses and employees in the following ways: 

    Teacher Work Time
    Teachers may not be asked to arrive the traditional 30 minutes prior to the start of the school day, nor will they be asked to say the traditional 30 minutes after the school day. 

    Campuses will open their doors at 7:55 a.m. for the early learning centers, 7:40 a.m. for elementary schools, and 7:30 a.m. for intermediate schools. No early drop-offs will be allowed, as no supervision will be provided prior to these times, with limited exceptions for KISD bus riders. Middle schools and high schools will communicate arrival times in alignment with other campuses. Students will go directly to their classrooms upon arrival. 

    In order for campuses to limit large groups congregating during dismissal, campuses will stagger dismissal times by specific student groupings. Early learning centers will begin dismissing the first group of students at approximately 3:25 p.m.; elementary schools will begin dismissing at 3:05 p.m.; and intermediate schools will begin dismissing at 3 p.m. Middle schools and high schools will stagger dismissals so that students have exited campuses no later that 4 p.m. Students participating in Fine Arts and/or UIL activities may remain on campus after dismissal. 

    Middle School and High School Distribution of Additional Minutes 
    The additional 15 minutes will be utilized to allow for staggered passing periods and student dismissals. Additional time will be added between lunch periods to allow for additional cleaning. 

    After-School Activities (All Campuses) 
    Teachers and staff are encouraged to leave as soon as responsibilities on campus are completed. Once employees and families are familiar with dismissal procedures, Keller ISD anticipates teachers being able to leave approximately 15 minutes after the last bell rings. 

    After-school professional development, meetings, and activities involving teachers and staff will be incorporated into the school day or canceled for at least the first nine weeks of school. Campuses will conduct family meetings during team PLC times, other designated times during the school day, and/or share information via prerecorded messages that teachers may access at any time. Additionally, teachers will be encouraged to take advantage of remote opportunities to provide tutoring, student meetings, etc. 




    Arrival procedures will vary from campus to campus, depending on grade level and building layout. The following are general guidelines for all Keller ISD campuses: 

      • Separate entrances will be used for car riders, bus riders, walkers, and daycares, when possible. 
      • No early drop-offs will be allowed, as no supervision will be provided prior to the school's main doors opening.
      • Students will report directly to their classroom or an area designated by each campus. 
      • Parents will not be allowed to walk students to classrooms. 
      • Staff will conduct entry observations and spot temperature screenings. 
      • Students who are ill must be kept home. 
      • Ground markers outside of entrances will ensure social distancing.



    Bus Transportation 

    Students using school bus transportation services will be required to wear masks. Students will be seated at the back of the bus first to eliminate movement and seated two to a seat. Bus windows will be cracked and additional, more frequent cleaning protocols will be in place.



    Contact Tracing

    In the event that COVID-19 is confirmed inside of the educational environment, Keller ISD has protocols in place to keep other students and employees safe and reduce the potential for further spread. 

    Click here for details on the District's response to lab-confirmed cases or clinical diagnosis of COVID-19.




    Dismissal procedures will vary from campus to campus, depending on grade level and building layout. The following are general guidelines for all Keller ISD campuses: 

      • Separate exits for car riders, bus riders, walkers, and daycares, when possible. 
      • Dismissal times may be staggered to manage movement within the school. 
      • Students will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer stations at main exits, prior to leaving the school. 
      • At elementary schools, sibling connections will take place outside of the building. 
      • Upon dismissal, all students must immediately leave the building. Students involved in after-school activities must report to designated areas with 10 minutes of dismissal.



    Drinking Fountains

    Water fountains will remain on in buildings and regularly cleaned. Water fountains should be used for refilling of water bottles only and not for direct contact with any person. Fill stations are preferred where available. Students should bring a reusable water bottle for use throughout the day and take home for cleaning.



    Environmental Sanitation 

    Staff will have access to disinfectant wipes to sanitize high-touch and working surfaces and shared objects regularly. Each classroom, restroom, and all high touch areas within the building will be disinfected throughout the day. Staff have been trained on and routinely use the proper personal protective equipment for the environmental cleaning process. 

    Disinfection Process 

    • All areas will be disinfected with a hospital-grade disinfectant on a daily basis.
    • Electrostatic sprayers are used to ensure that all surface areas are disinfected, including, but not limited to, desks, doorknobs, keyboards, tables, etc.


    • N95 face masks
    • Gloves
    • Electrostatic sprayers
    • Misters, hand-held sprayers, foggers

    Keller ISD uses a hospital-grade disinfectant daily: 

      • Oxivir Tb
      • Microfiber color coded by area
      • Hand sanitizer (already dispersed to all campuses)




    Texas Education Agency (TEA) guidelines recommended that congregations of adults be minimized. Individual campuses are developing ways to host beginning-of-the-year events virtually or in a socially distanced setting.



    Face Masks 

    Face masks are required for: 

    • All employees; 
    • All students in first grade and younger while they are on buses, in hallways, in common areas like restrooms, while entering and exiting the building, and when requested to do so by an adult when very close contact is necessary; and
      All students in second grade and older at all times, and outdoors when distancing cannot be maintained. 
    • Limited exceptions to this rule will only be made for eating, drinking, therapy, or to meet other individual student needs, with the permission of a teacher or administrator. 

    Face masks must be worn properly, covering the student’s mouth and nose. 

    If a student… 

    • Arrives at school without a face mask – student will be issued a warning and a disposable mask will be provided to the student to use. 
    • Refuses to wear a mask correctly – In order to provide a safe learning environment for all: 
      • The student will be removed from the classroom; 
      • A parent will be called to pick up the student from school; and 
      • The student will transition to Remote Instruction. 
    • Has a medical condition that will prevent the student from being able to wear a face mask while at school – A 504/ARD committee will convene to discuss the student’s situation and possible accommodations, including: 
      • Remote Instruction; 
      • Strict six-foot distancing; 
      • Face shields; and/or
      • Clear dividers to separate the student’s learning space from others.

    Click here to download a printable flyer about KISD's Face Mask policy
    Click here for more details about Faces Masks and KISD's COVID-19 mitigation efforts.



    Fine Arts

    Keller ISD's Fine Arts Department has prepared In-Person COVID-19 protocols for courses across all grade levels and its various courses, with the goal to continue providing exceptional arts education in a safe environment for students and teachers. 

    Click here to review KISD Fine Arts' COVID-19 Classroom Guidelines.



    Hand Hygiene

    The primary means of COVID-19 transmission is through respiratory droplets from person to person. The secondary means is from those droplets coming in contact with hard surfaces and objects that others may touch and then touch their eyes, nose, or mouth. Regular hand hygiene is an effective way to minimize this risk. Students will be encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly and often. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will also be available at the main entry to the campus, in classrooms, and in common areas throughout the campus.



    Health Screening

    Parent screening of students is Keller ISD's most effective tool for prevention, as keeping those who are ill or may have been exposed to COVID-19 home will help keep COVID-19 out of KISD schools. In this effort, families will be asked to daily complete a self-screening assessment online before sending students to school. The screening will serve as a tool to help parents and guardians stay aware of a students symptoms and contacts, as well as assist in preventing the possible introduction of COVID-19 into KISD schools. The Student Health Screening can be accessed at www.KellerISD.net/StudentScreening

    Employees will complete a similar screening prior to arriving to work, and it can be accessed at www.KellerISD.net/Screening.



    Hybrid Learning

    Keller ISD's Hybrid Learning option is offered to students in high school (9th-12th grades) who selected to attend Remote@KISD, but are also enrolled in a specifically identified course that the student needs to attend on campus due to the unique equipment or classroom environment required by the course. Click here for a full list of courses available for Hybrid schedules.



    Instructional Choice

    Keller ISD has developed two instructional models for the 2020-21 school year. Students can choose In-Person Instruction for a traditional school experience, with added safety protocols in place; or Remote@KISD Instruction, which offers students the ability to learn online from home from a certified Keller ISD teacher in a structured format. Remote@KISD will be different than Keller ISD’s at-home learning from the spring of 2020. 

    Keller ISD high school students may also have the ability to set up a Hybrid Schedule which combines Remote@KISD with In-Person Instruction for some courses (such as specified Career and Technical Education, Athletics, and Fine Arts courses) that could not otherwise be offered online.

    Click here for more information about KISD’s Instructional Choices including sample schedules for Remote@KISD.



    Lunches and Meal Service

    For In-Person students: Cafeteria service and lunchroom procedures will vary from campus to campus. On campuses where space permits, cafeteria seating will be socially distanced and lunch times may be staggered. Other campuses may eat lunch in classrooms to maintain distancing and minimize movement throughout the schoool. 

    For Remote@KISD students: Drive-through meal pick-up will take place daily at Keller ISD's four high schools. Meals will be charged to students' prepaid meal accounts, according to a student's meal price status. Families are encouraged to preload their student's SchoolCafe meal account with funds to ensure quick and contactless transaction. Free and reduced meal applications are also available through SchoolCafe.



    Physical Distancing (Social Distancing) 

    Physical distancing is the best tool for limiting the spread of the virus from person to person.

    Physical distancing graphic showing people six feet apart Physical distancing between students and staff of at least six feet should be maintained, when possible. Physical distancing requirements can be supported through managing the space between people and the timing of when people might congregate.

    • Students may be arranged into cohorts to minimize interaction between large groups and mixing of students that lead to spread of infection and complicated contact tracing. 
    • During breaks, cohorts of students may use spaces when they go outside. 
    • Movement of class groups will be kept to a minimum, but class groups can move classrooms if high-touch surfaces are cleaned in between groups. 
    • Where possible, desks will be spaced six feet apart and turned to face in the same direction (rather than facing each other) to reduce transmission caused from virus-containing droplets (e.g., from talking, coughing, or sneezing).
    • If desks cannot be moved or separated, the desks will be clearly marked so that students know where they can and cannot sit.
    • Whenever possible, physical education and music classes will be held outside and students will be encouraged to spread out. Teachers may also employ visual cues to demonstrate physical spacing.
    • Campuses may use visual aids (such as masking tape, signs, and stickers) to illustrate traffic flow and appropriate spacing to support physical distancing. 

    Outside the Classroom 

      • Staggered arrival and dismissal times, breaks, and lunch times for the different classes and year levels may be employed to minimize high numbers of staff and students congregating in the same spaces.
      • Schools will use as many entry and exit points as practicable, rather than directing all students through the same entry and exit space. These approaches can limit the amount of close contact between students in high-traffic situations and times. This will be based on availability to monitor those entrances to prevent unauthorized entry and conduct spot screenings. If staffing on site is limited, one entry and exit point may be the most practical way to manage visitors, coupled with staggered starts.
      • Classrooms may be used for eating lunch (with direction for students to wash hands before and after).
      • Recess and physical activity can be adapted with specialized games, for example, designed for physical distancing.
      • As part of timetabling, access to areas of school grounds will be scheduled at different times so that class groups or cohorts do not intermingle; or where space allows, different parts of the school grounds will be allocated for the different class groups for breaks.
      • Teachers and support staff, as able, will be rotated to provide supervision of break times, arrival and departure times and school grounds so that staff can support and encourage physical distancing and minimize where possible any congregation by students and parents.
      • Staggered break times, including bathroom breaks, will assist with reducing congregation in bathrooms.



    Recess and Playgrounds

    Outdoor spaces will be used, but playgrounds will be closed.  Students may not bring items from home for recess use.  All equipment must be individual and sanitized between each use.  Students need to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands as they go to and from recess.

    Masks may be taken off outside as long as a minimum of 6-feet can be maintained.  Masks must be worn going to and coming from recess.   Recess and physical activity can be adapted with specialized games, for example, designed for physical distancing.  As part of timetabling, access to areas of school grounds will be scheduled at different times so that class groups or cohorts don’t intermingle; or where space allows, different parts of the school grounds will be allocated for the different class groups for breaks.




    Staff will monitor and limit the number of students that enter the restroom at one time. The number of individuals allowed per restroom is limited by the size of the restroom and should be at 50% capacity whenever possible to allow for use of alternating sinks and avoiding congregations. Regular sanitation will occur throughout the school day by custodial staff. Staff will  monitor restrooms to ensure congregations do not occur and that sufficient supplies of soap and paper towels are always available. Staff and students must wash hands with soap and water prior to exiting the bathroom. Proper hand washing techniques, using soap and water for at least 20 seconds, will be taught to all students, and consistently reinforced.  Class restroom breaks should follow the same protocols-limit how many students are in restrooms at a time.  Students waiting to enter the restroom should be 6 feet apart from one another.



    Responding to Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

    In the event that COVID-19 is confirmed inside of the educational environment, Keller ISD has protocols in place to keep other students and employees safe and reduce the potential for further spread. 

    Click here for details on the District's response to lab-confirmed cases or clinical diagnosis of COVID-19.



    Safety Protocols 

    Keller ISD has developed comprehensive safety protocols to protect students and employees returning to campus in the fall of 2020. A fundamental requirement of our return to physical spaces is the cooperation of the whole Keller ISD community with our reopening strategy. Public health necessitates a whole community approach for everyone’s health and safety. We must all have an open mind and show respect, care, and consideration for all of our students, families, colleagues, and community as we follow the requirements of the return and reopening strategy as they are established to slow the spread of the virus among everyone and protect the most vulnerable among us. We appreciate the community's cooperation as these protocols continue to evolve with additional guidance. 

    Click here for more details about Keller ISD's Back to School Safety Protocols.



    Sample Schedules 

    Students attending school In-Person can anticipate a typical school schedule. Those attending Remote@KISD can get a better idea of what the school day might look like by reviewing sample schedules posted on the Instructional Choice information page



    Screen Time 

    We understand concerns from parents who have selected Remote@KISD regarding the amount of time students will be expected to be on electronic devices. Keller ISD does not intend for Remote@KISD students to be on electronic devices for the entirety of the school day. While much of the Remote@KISD curriculum will be delivered electronically, not all assignments will be completed on an electronic device. Also, like with a typical school day, learning breaks will be incorporated into the day to keep students engaged. The amount of time any particular student spends on a screen will depend on the age of the student, the course, and the particular day's assignments.



    Special Education and 504 Services 

    Keller ISD will ensure that students with disabilities have access to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE). The district will ensure that, to the greatest extent possible, each student with a disability can be provided the educational and related services identified in the student’s individualized education program (IEP) or Section 504 Plan.

    Click here for a full explanation of all Special Education services as Keller ISD prepares to return to school




    Keller ISD will distribute electronic devices to allow Remote@KISD students access assignments and learning from home. Families that checked out a device in the spring are encouraged to hang on to that device and utilize it for the 2020-21 school year. Families that need a device had the opportunity to request a device during the Instructional Choice selection process. The student's home campus will be responsible for distributing devices to families, and will communicate details about that distribution to the families that requested a device. 




    Currently, there have been no changes to the standardized testing dates for the upcoming school year. Any SAT or ACT Saturday administrations that are currently scheduled to take place while Keller ISD is closed will be canceled. 



    Visitors and Volunteers 

    Campuses will limit the number of people and items coming into the building during the day, as much as possible, as this helps reduce the risk of virus transmission.

    Deliveries to the schools from parents will be substantially limited. Parents are encouraged to double-check that their children have all their items when they leave in the morning. If it is critical to drop off an item during the day, access to the building by a parent will be restricted to the front office. Parents are expected to refrain from making deliveries to the school as much as possible. 

    Each campus will designate a specific drop-off location for deliveries from UPS, FedEx, etc. This will allow commercial delivery services to drop off materials without going through our online safety screening. If the individual is going to go past the front office, all safety measures, including completion of the online screening, must be followed.