Special Education Covid-19 Resources

  • Special Education / 504 Services during Covid-19 Pandemic

    Keller ISD will ensure that students with disabilities have access to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE). The district will ensure that, to the greatest extent possible, each student with a disability can be provided the educational and related services identified in the student’s individualized education program (IEP) or Section 504 Plan.

    ARD / 504 Meetings

    • ARD/§504 meetings using a virtual platform will be used to facilitate meaningful participation and collaborative decision making while reducing the risk of community spread of the virus. While all ARDs will be offered virtually, parents may also request a face-to-face ARD meeting. In that circumstance, parents would need to follow the district health screening and wear a mask while on campus. 
    • If parents have questions about their child’s IEP/§504 plan or services at any time and wish to convene an ARD/§504 meeting to discuss, please contact your child’s diagnostician, campus §504 coordinator, or speech language pathologist.
    • IEP/§504 Plan amendments may be considered on a case by case basis to align virtual instruction and/or environment/supports.
    • TEA has provided a guidance document on compensatory strategies and services.
    • Consideration will be given to each individual student’s progress on their IEP/504 plan. Baseline data and acquisition of skills will determine if students are in need of additional COVID response services.


    • Full and Individual Evaluations and §504 evaluations will continue to the maximum extent possible.
    • Remote data collection, social distance observation, teacher and parent interviews and checklists can be conducted remotely.
    • The administration of a standardized test in a non-standardized way impacts the validity of the assessment. For that reason, critical components of full individual evaluation may require a student to attend a limited in-person session to complete the evaluation process.
    • Safety precautions will be taken when face-to-face assessment is required for eligibility determination.
    • If your child has had a delayed evaluation as a result of the COVID-19 closure, please reach out to the evaluator at their campus to discuss completing the evaluation. They will review the safety precautions to be followed and arrange a time to resume the assessment.
    • If you believe your child may require special education services, please contact their campus administrator or the Special Education office at 817.744.1221.


Special Education: Fall 2020 Parent FAQ

  • Q: If I choose remote, will my child have the same teacher as their in-person teacher?

  • Q: Can a child return to remote learning after the first semester of in-person learning?

  • Q: We are new to KISD. I completed enrollment for my child and emailed a copy of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) to his school. What are my next steps?

  • Q: Regardless of my instructional choice, will my child’s assigned teacher or campus be different from the assignment I received in the spring?

  • Q:If we decide to send our children to school and it is determined he/she will not be at the same campus or have the same teacher, can we reconsider the initial decision?

Safety Protocols

  • Q: Covid-19 screening will take place for general education students as outlined on the Back to School site but what can we expect as far as screening for our special education students and teachers?

  • Q: Understanding that students with disabilities are not always able to wear masks and/or face shields, how will classrooms be stocked with cleaning and disinfecting aides?

  • Q: What if my child will not wear a mask or face shield?

Related Services

  • Q: When will we know if walk-in therapeutic services will be offered on my child’s designated campus?

  • Q: If we select in-person, will my child get in-person therapies?

  • Q: At school, my child uses assistive technology or alternative forms of communication. If I select remote learning, how will these needs be supported at home?

Instructional Expectations

  • Q: If we choose in-person, will my child attend their resource classroom?

  • Q: Is my child eligible for the hybrid schedule?

  • Q: My child is supposed to have inclusion support. What will this look like for remote learners?

  • Q: What will resource class look like for remote learners?

Centralized Programs

  • Q: My student is currently served in a centralized program with inclusion support and services outside of their primary classroom. Can I request that my student not receive any of their related services or go out for inclusion while risk of community spread is still high?

  • Q: My child is in a centralized program, but participates in inclusive opportunities such as: eating lunch with peers in the cafeteria, Partners in PE, office aide, etc.. If he/she returns to in-person instruction, will he/she still be able to do these types of things?

  • Q: Will students still be able to access sensory rooms?

  • Q: If my child is reassigned to another campus, will he/she be required to stay at that school for the remainder of the year?

  • Q: If my child is reassigned to another school or a new teacher, can we also expect them to have different therapists for OT, Speech, etc.?

  • Q: How will we limit class sizes to ensure students are receiving the services identified in their IEP while maintaining a safe environment?

Miscellaneous Questions

  • Q: What are the school hours for the ELC-N and ELC-S now that they are full day?

  • Q: If we choose in-person, will my child still get transportation?

  • Q: If we choose the KISD high school hybrid schedule, will transportation be provided?