COVID-19 Closure Grading Details

  • KISD’s Curriculum & Instruction (C&I) Department has been working diligently to compile report cards for the third nine-week grading period and determine what grading will look like during the fourth nine-week grading period, due to the COVID-19 school closure. The following information will apply to the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, regardless of when we return. 

    3rd Nine-Week Grades
    Teachers are finishing grade submissions for the third nine-week grading period, and report cards for the third nine weeks will be available in Home Access Center (HAC) beginning Friday, April 3. Students who received a failing grade during the third nine weeks for a high school credit course have the option to participate in Edgenuity or campus-based plans to pass the third nine weeks.

    4th Nine-Week Grades
    For the current, fourth nine-week grading period, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and first grade will continue to provide the standards-based report card. Students in grades 2-12 will be assigned a “Pass” or “Fail” grade for each of their courses. Parents will no longer see daily grades, only an overall Pass or Fail for the grade and/or course at the end of the nine weeks.  Please reach out to your teacher/administrator if you have questions or concerns regarding the fourth nine-week grade. 

    In order for a student to “Pass” for the fourth nine-week grading period, teachers will evaluate student participation within the content. Our goal is to provide an abundance of support so that every student has ample opportunity to be successful. Students can show the participation with content in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, completing weekly lessons, submitting weekly lessons, participating in online instruction, phone calls/Zoom meetings with their teachers, etc. Each teacher will provide specific guidance on what this looks like for each class by Monday, April 6.

    Final Exams
    Campuses will not administer final exams in May 2020.  

    Course Credit
    Students will receive course credit for two semesters of learning as is our normal practice. The first-semester credits students received in December included the first and second nine-week grades along with any appropriate semester exams, and the second semester will consist of the third and fourth nine-week grading periods without any semester exams. Due to the fact that students will have a third nine-weeks grade and a fourth nine-weeks Pass/Fail, the fourth nine-weeks Pass/Fail will be translated to a numerical value (Pass = 100%. Fail = 69%). The third and fourth nine-week grading periods will be averaged for the second-semester grade. Students who do not receive course credit will be required to re-gain credit through our normal credit recovery process, either during the summer or next school year. 

    Dual Credit
    Dual credit providers do not calculate grades for each grading period in a school district. They only assign one grade that is counted as the semester average for student report cards based upon their specific grading guidelines. Due to the COVID-19 school closure, dual credit providers will assign KISD students two grades in order to calculate a semester average. They will be using students’ work completed to assign a Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 grade.  

    The students will receive an A-F grade on their dual credit college transcript from the institution. However, for Keller ISD, and only for this current semester, the student report card will show a Quarter 3 grade assigned by the dual credit provider and a Quarter 4 grade that reflects our District’s current pass/fail grading guidelines. These will be averaged together for the semester grade. This will allow Keller ISD to calculate a semester average for each dual credit student that will be used solely for the purpose of weighted GPA calculation and class rank.  

    GPA and Class Rank
    The GPA calculation for secondary students will follow the existing board policy, as in prior years. Students who receive course credit for Pre-AP, Dual Credit, and AP courses will receive the additional GPA points as outlined in our policy EIC (LOCAL)