Since Keller ISD has been closed to help limit the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), several departments, campus administrators, and staff have worked hard to continue to refine our KISD eLearning Plan to support students in their learning during the school closure. 

    Our District-wide eLearning plan will run on a Sunday-to-Sunday basis, beginning this Sunday, March 29-Sunday, April 5, and then continuing week-by-week as long as KISD campuses are closed. This way, families will have time on Sunday evening to plan out their child’s learning time for the coming week, based on the needs of the family. It also gives students and families time to complete lessons during the following weekend, if that best meets the family’s needs. 

    Elementary and Intermediate Plan
    Students and families in Pre-K through sixth grade will receive five (5) weekly lessons by 7 p.m. each Sunday – one (1) for each of the following content areas:

    • English Language Arts (Pre-K-2 Phonics, Reading & Writing)
    • Math
    • Science 
    • Social Studies 
    • Fine Arts 

    Each lesson will take up to one hour to complete.

    Other daily activities beyond the five (5) lessons will also be provided, such as:

    • Reading a book
    • Writing a story
    • Practicing reading skills
    • P.E. activities

    Each teacher will have daily hours when they will be available for students or parents to contact them for help and support. 

    Middle and High School (Not Dual Program or AP Coursework) Learning Plan
    Students in middle school and high school will receive one (1) weekly lesson for each core subject (ELA, math, science and history) and one (1) for each elective class they are in, for a total of 6-8 lessons each week. Each core content lesson will take up to two (2) hours to complete. Each elective lesson will take up to one (1) hour to complete. The weekly lessons will be emailed by 7 p.m. each Sunday. 

    AP and Dual Program Courses
    All dual program courses are currently being conducted at the college level.  Dual credit courses through Tarrant County College and Weatherford College are continuing virtually with many of our own embedded professors. Dual enrollment courses through UT OnRamps are receiving support from their Keller ISD teacher as well as the university professor.  Dual program students should continue to follow their individual teacher’s guidance as it pertains to each course in order to have the opportunity to earn both college and high school credit.  

    We recognize that the College Board will still be assessing students over the Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum at the end of the year. Given this fact, AP courses will also follow teacher guidance with an overview email by 7 p.m. Sunday, but additional coursework or additional hours spent on coursework throughout the week will likely be needed.

    For All Grade Levels
    Teachers will provide support and feedback to students throughout the week in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to: 

    • Phone calls 
    • Email correspondence
    • Zoom meetings (one-on-one, small group, whole class)
    • Remind 101 text messages
    • Chats via SeeSaw, Google Classroom, Google Hangout, etc.

    Additional support for students in special programs will be provided, including English Language Learners, students receiving 504 or Special Education support, Dyslexic students, and GT students. 

    We continue to thank the entire Keller ISD community for your patience and support as we refine our eLearning plan to the benefit of our families and students.