• Please review your student(s) attendance on Home Access Center.

    Attendance Page - hover a mouse over the colored box and the period and attendance code will pop up.

    Home Page - look at the week view and the grid will show the classes (on left) and days of week (on top).  The intersecting box will have the attendance code associated with it.  There is a hot link for the teachers email on the left.

    Students need to visit with their teacher if they believe they were marked incorrectly.  The teacher will then instruct attendance to make any changes.  Parents should follow up by reviewing Home Access a few days later to be sure the change has been made.  If it has not, the parent may want to follow up with the teacher to see if there are extenuating circumstances.

    What do the different colors and codes in HAC mean?

    Green = a recognized excused absence.

    Red= a non recognized unexcused absence.  This includes PRN which is a parent notification in writing or by phone. 

    Black = any changes to the attendance that a teacher recorded.  This includes any absences that have been corrected via the attendance correction form.  We cannot delete what a teacher has recorded.  We can, however, change the code to reflect a student was present with proper documentation.  Many times if it is black it is coded PRE. This means the student was present.

    Pink = a tardy or early dismissal

    Orange = more than one attendance code has been entered for that day. Example, a student was late to school and marked absent from 1st period and tardy to 2nd. 

    My student has been denied credit.  What does that mean?

    By state law (90% TEA Compulsory Law), students may not have more than 9 absence in 1st or 5th period, or more than 4 absences in 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, or 4B (per semester). Students will be denied credit for violating this law.  Please remind your student to monitor their attendance. If they violate this law, they will be required to make up seat time during before/after school tutorials, Falcon Night School or Saturday school.  If your student has any questions or owes seat time, please have them visit the attendance office.