• Check Out Procedures

    • Any non-school related check-out by students during the school day will be handled through the Attendance Office. This includes Parent/Guardian notes/phone calls and Nurse passes.  
    • If a student knows in advance they need to leave campus during the day, they need to bring a note from their Parent/Guardian with the following information:​  
      • ​Date
      • Student Name
      • Student ID#
      • Time for the student to be released
      • Phone number where parent may be reached to verify the note
      • Parent/Guardian Signature
    • You may call to have your student dismissed. Please call ahead, allowing at least 30 minutes prior to dismissal time, in order for the attendance clerks to process the request and have the pass delivered to your student. Due to the volume of calls, it may be necessary to leave a message.  Please leave as much information as possible so that we can process your request (student's full name, dismissal time, your name and callback number). We will not accept any dismissals after 3:15pm. 
    • Students must have their pass, from the Attendance Office in order to be in the parking lot when leaving campus.
    • If a student is leaving and returning to campus in the same day for an appointment, the student should check in at the Attendance Office upon return, or the student will be marked absent for the remainder of the day. Please bring your doctor's note at this time, if applicable. Otherwise, doctor's notes must be turned in within 5 business days per District policy.
    • ​​​If a student is ill: The student should go to the Nurse's office, with a nurse's office pass from their teacher. If it is determined that the student needs to go home, the nurse will then call the Parent/Guardian to pick up the student. The Parent/Guardian will check in at the Receptionist Desk and proceed to the Attendance Office.  The Attendance Office will contact the Nurse's Office for the student's release.​

    Lunch Dismissals

    Timber Creek is a closed campus for lunch periods. If a student needs to leave during their lunch period, a parent must be present or they must return to school with a medical excuse. This applies to all students, regardless of age.