• Early Childhood Special Education

    Keller ISD provides services for children who have a disability. Children with identified physical, mental, speech, language, social and/or emotional disabilities may be eligible for the service.

  • Who Do We Serve?

    From Birth: KISD provides services to children beginning at birth of the child is eligible for services due to vision and/or hearing loss.

    Ages 3-5: KISD provides services starting at age 3 for a child that is identified as eligible for special education services.

    How is Eligibility For Special Education Services Determined?

    KISD will use information from a variety of sources including parent referral information, observation, and "team" evaluation determine eligibility according to state and federal guidelines. The services provided are determined by an Individual Education Planning Team Committee. The parents are part of this committee.

    How to Make a Referral for Preschool Special Education Services:

    Contact Adriane Govea at 817-744-1237.

    Where Are Preschool Special Education Services Provided?

    A continuum of special education services is available to KISD such as speech-language therapy services only, general education services with modifications/supports and/ or special education services in a self-contained classroom. Each child receives services based on his/her individualized educational plan.

    Areas of Instruction

    Instruction is based on individual needs of the child and instruction is provided in developmental areas that lead to school readiness.

    • reading readiness
    • math readiness
    • language
    • gross motor
    • fine motor
    • self-help
    • social/emotional

    Other related services may be provided in order to support acquisition of skills.