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    Engineering Design & Problem Solving

    Engineering Design and Problem Solving (EDPS) is a full year, full credit, Senior capstone course for the Project Lead the Way Pathway to Engineering program.  Students must have completed a minimum of two other high school PLTW courses as a prerequisite for EDPS.  This course involves extensive research in designing and constructing solutions to an open-ended engineering problem. In EDPS, you will work in teams to research, design, and construct solutions. You will apply principles developed in the preceding courses and are guided by mentors. You must present progress reports, submit a final written report and defend your solutions to a panel of outside reviewers at the end of the school year.





    Jena Bridges



    Engineering Design & Problem Solving   I    Principles of Interior Design


    I love ANIMALS, mainly dogs! I have been a teacher for 17 years. After graduating at the University of Texas (Arlington), I worked as a nuclear chemist in Denton creating medicine to help with Alzheimer's. I maxed out on radiation levels pretty quickly and became the Quality Assurance Manager where I helped write procedures, manuals, oversee the lab calculations, tests, scheduling and other lab functions. I stayed in the Quality Assurance field for a couple more years working In different facilities, writing programs and collecting / analyzing data before I decided that everywhere I had been I had always ended up being the teacher/trainer so WHY NOT give teaching a shot. As it turns out... I LOVE teaching kids! 

    I started In KISD, moved around a bit teaching In charter, private, online, and finally a couple years ago came back home to KISD. I have taught pre-school, 3rd grade, substituted, Science 6-8, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Grammar, Literature, Yearbook, Special Education, Photography, AVTV, and Engineering. I am certified In several engineering classes through PLTW and this year have the opportunity to teach the capstone course. I am over the moon excited and have a million ideas to inspire and lead these kiddos. I cannot wait to meet and work with each one of them!

    Besides teaching my passion Is photography and graphic design. I love learning all the fun techy apps and making images, sites, etc come to life. I am a creator at heart and this class Is going to be a DREAM! I cannot wait to share my expertise in every aspect of our design processes this year!