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  • If you are planning on moving, enrolling in an online program, or enrolling at a different school, you will need to withdraw your student.
    Here is what you need to do:
    • All items issued to your student such as laptop, chargers, library books, ROTC suits, Choir Dress/ suits, Band Suits/ Instruments, and Athletic items need to be turned in to the counseling office at the time of withdrawal.


    • All fees must be paid, such as ID fines, library fines, and outstanding club/organization fees.


    Please call the counseling office (817-744-2011) or the registrar (817-744-2017) to inform them of your wish to withdraw.
    You will need to come in person to the counseling office to fill out your student's withdrawal paperwork. The counseling office will have all of your student records ready upon request.
    Official transcripts and records will need to be requested by the student's new school. The counseling office will give you directions on how to request the official records. 

Enrollments - New & Returning Students

  • All Keller ISD enrollments begin with an online process. Please visit the Keller ISD Enrollments Home Page to get started. You must enroll at the campus you are zoned to by address first, then transfer applications can be completed within each semester's designated windows and are subject to approval and availability.

    Students cannot meet with a counselor to choose their classes until the entire district enrollment process is complete. Once your file is complete, the counseling office manager will call you to set up the enrollment appointment. If you have questions about outstanding or incomplete documents, please call the counseling office manager at 817-744-2011.


  • To order a replacement diploma, call or visit our local Balfour office at:
    1709 Forest Ridge Dr.
    Bedford, TX 76022
    (817) 685-7777