• College Bound FAQ’s


    What’s better to take…the ACT or SAT?

    Take both.  Whichever one you score the best on, take it again. Take these exams in the Spring of your Junior year. You need to register for the exam as soon as possible. If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, you can receive a test fee waiver from your counselor.


    Should I go ahead and apply for college now or wait until February or until my test scores are in?

    NOW!  YOU DO NOT have to have test scores to apply at most colleges. Submit your application by the deadline of the University. Come to College Bound for assistance!


    Do I have to write all 3 essays?

    YES!  Not all schools require essays but make them “optional”.  Write them anyway.  This is what sets you apart from everyone else that is applying for college.


    Can I get help with my essays?

    YES.  The Writing Center can assist you in your essays!The Writing Center is located in the College Bound room in the cafeteria. Your English teachers are more than happy to help, too.


    Are there any scholarships available that I do not have to write an essay for?

    Most scholarships will require an essay but check www.fastweb.com or scholarships.com for some that may not require them.  Most scholarships worth receiving will require an essay.


    Is it better to get my basics out of the way first and then transfer to a bigger college?

    It depends.  Your college counselor can help guide you in the right direction.  Communicate your plans with them.  They can help you focus on the basics and tell you what will transfer.


    On ApplyTexas.org, do I pay an application fee for each school I apply to or is it a one-time fee?

    Almost every school has an application fee.  They will range from college to college. Some schools do not require a fee until after admission. Check the website for the college you are applying.  If you received a waiver for your ACT/SAT, you may qualify for a waiver for your application fee as well.  See your High School counselor for details.


    Once I am accepted to a college, can I get a refund on my application fees that I sent to other colleges?

    No, but if you have made a housing deposit, you can get it back if it is before their deadline.


    What is the TSI?

    The TSI is a reading, writing and mathematics test required for all Texas Public colleges universities.  It determines if a student is ready for college level courses. You can be exempt from it with a high enough SAT/ACT test score.  Register through and take it at TCC and have the results sent to the college of your choice.


    If I am a Top Ranked student will I be automatically acceptance?

    It depends on the school. Some schools will have an automatic acceptance rate, others will be competitive admission regardless of your rank. All colleges in the state of Texas have auto-acceptance except UT Austin.  They accept only the Top 7%, but you still have to go through the application process. Contact your admissions counselor or visit the college website for information. Essays and community service play a part in your acceptance regardless of your rank.


    If I am in the Top Percent of my class, does this mean I will automatically get scholarship money? 

    Not necessarily.  Top 10% cannot assume that they will get accepted or receive money.  Money is not guaranteed but is possible.


    How do you get Test scores and Transcripts sent to colleges when applying?

    For test scores, go through ACT.org or CollegeBoard.org. The fee will be $12 per school.

    For transcripts, go through the kellerisd.net website “Records & Transcripts” tab.  The first 2 are free, then $3/transcript after that plus a $4 processing fee/order.  You will need the address of where you want to send it.