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    Graphic Design

    This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to continue their education and gain valuable experience in the world of Graphic Design. Creation and expansion of student portfolios are an essential part of the course, which will aid the student in creating a collection of work and experience. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of design projects, and be expected to master the use of industry standard equipment that is used in the production of materials being created in class. Included in the course is the expectation of professionalism, in both the work environment, and in meeting with clients, peers, and faculty while in the program. For further detailed information about the Graphics Pathway, click here.


    Student Expectations:

    ·       Complete real world Graphic Design tasks based on client specifications

    ·       Utitlize industry standard programs to enhance their learning experience, and further their knowledge

    ·       Exhibit professionalism and courtesy at all times ​

    ·       Attain industry standard certifications 

    ·       Become proficient in the use of all printing lab equipment and usage of supplies based on project requirements





    Daniel Gambero


    Animation I & II    I     Graphic Design II

    I'm kinda awesome. I have a toddler at home that is more awesome than me. I also have an awesome wife at home. I love a ton of nerdy stuff, movies, music, comics, etc. I play Disc Golf and love it. I graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Broadcast Journalism degree. I taught in South Korea for 3 years and that's what made me really want to continue teaching in America. I've taught Graphic Design for 4 years and Animation for 5. I am a life long learner and always looking for new stuff to do or try.




    Greg Almond



    Graphic Design I      I      Practicum in A/V Production