• Robotics


    In Robotics I, students will transfer academic skills to component designs in a project-based environment through implementation of the design process. Students will build prototypes or use simulation software to test their designs. Additionally, students will explore career opportunities, employer expectations, and educational needs in the robotic and automation industry.​


    Robotics II 

    Robotics II allows students to pursue advanced robotics applications.  The class focuses on competition based robots including BEST and FIRST robotics competitions.   Robotics challenges vary from year to year, so students must think outside the box to create a custom solution.  Students will learn a variety of programming skills including Java and MatLab. Students will also learn advanced machining operations including: CNC tooling, metalworking, pneumatic,  and a variety of mechanical systems.
    KCAL Robotics club will be meeting on Monday's in the Tank from 4-6 each week.  
    Major events:
    VEX-February KISD district event



    Pathway Information


     Philip Youngblood

    Philip Youngblood


    Robotics I     I     Robotics II     I    Computer Integrated Manufacturing

    Philip Youngblood teaches Robotics I & II,  and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (PLTW). He has been with KISD for 20 years, teaching Engineering for the last 14 years. Mr. Youngblood coaches the KCAL Robotics team, Keller Fusion, which has advanced to State Championships (2018-2022), and World Championships in 2019. He has an interest in 3D printing, robotics, CNC machines, and all kinds of maker projects. When he’s not teaching and working with machines, he likes to spend time outdoors camping, fishing, hiking, biking, and enjoys keeping a large backyard garden. He loves vacationing with his family and traveling the country with his RV.


    Shawn Schmuck  

    Shawn Schmuck

    Practicum in STEM   l   Internships   l   Robotics I   l   Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    Shawn Schmuck teaches Robotics I, Intro to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Practicum STEM (Solar Car). He studied Mechanical Engineering at Oral Roberts University and Mathematics at Wester Michigan University. Before becoming an educator, Mr. Schmuck worked in the auto industry designing stamping dies and inspected water towers in the Great Lakes region. He moved to Texas in 2010 to teach Engineering and Robotics in Ft. Worth ISD, and then transferred to Keller ISD in 2014.



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