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    Computer Programming

    KCAL programming courses are designed to provide students with an opportunity to continue their education and gain experience in the world of programming.  Students learn and practice Agile management techniques using the Scrum framework.  In Computer Programming I and II students choose an area of focus in advanced programming, mobile app development, or video game design.  By the end of the course students will have a working understanding of their area of concentration and will be prepared for either the practicum or real world experience.​


    Pathway Information






    Jeremy Powell

    Computer Science II   l   Computer Science III   l   Practicum in IT I & II

    Jeremy Powell teaches Computer Science II & III and Practicum in IT I & II. This is his 21st year teaching and his 7th year at KCAL.



     Matt Flegel

    Matt Flegel

    AP Computer Science   I   Computer Science II    I   Computer Science III

    Matt Flegel teaches AP Computer Science and Computer Science II & III. He graduated with a B.B.A. from TCU. His teaching career started at his alma mater Fossil Ridge in 2004-05 where he taught Web Design, Graphic Design, Animation, and Computer Science. He came to KCAL 4 years ago to continue teaching Programming. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with my wife and 2 kids, playing board games and sports.




    Bobbie Morton



    Honors Computer Science I

    Bobbie Morton has more than 35 years of Information Technology experience, beginning as a software engineer at Texas Instruments, transitioning to Systems Support Manager at Apple Computers, joining the Oracle Consulting Practice as a Functional and Technical Consultant, and culminating into the VP of Information Technology at Beryl. She has provided instruction for programming languages such as HTML, C++, Scratch, JAVA, Ideal(4th Generation Language), as well as Oracle Database Technology. This is her 8th year within a classroom at a Texas Public School and most recently taught AP Computer Science A & AP Computer Science Principles at Port Aransas Independent School District.




    Amy Jingwei Fu


    Foundation of Cybersecurity I Computer Science Essential I Cybersecurity Practicum


    Amy Fu teaches part of Cybersecurity pathway at KCAL. She graduated from Texas Christian University and UNT Health Science Center with M.S. degrees in Science and Biomedical Science. Ms. Fu has taught STEM for the past 11 years in post-secondary and secondary school. She has taught Computer Science and mathematics for the past 4 years. She enjoys swimming, hiking, reading, learning and teaching technology.