• Erin Morris, Dyslexia

    Erin Morris
    Dyslexia Specialist

    The Keller ISD dyslexia program is based on the Orton-Gillingham

    approach to reading which consists of a multisensory, structured

    language curriculum.  This curriculum breaks down the structure of

    the English language and utilizes auditory, kinesthetic and visual

    pathways.  Students in the Keller ISD dyslexia program receive

    intensive multisensory instruction delivered by a qualified dyslexia

    specialist.  Instruction for students is systematic, sequential, and

    maximizes student engagement at all levels.  Each campus in KISD

    has a minimum of one dyslexia specialist who has been specifically

    trained to work with dyslexic students through an accredited

    academic language therapy program.

    Learning Ally- https://www.learningally.org
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    Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA)- http://www.altaread.org/default.asp
    Yale Center for Dyslexia &Creativity- http://www.dyslexia.yale.edu/
    LD Online- http://www.ldonline.org
    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) http://idea.ed.gov/
    KISD Dyslexia- http://portal.kellerisd.net/functions/learning/dyslexia/Pages/default.aspx
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