• The VOE (Verification of Enrollment) form takes 2 business days to process and will be ready after 48 business hours for pick up. VOEs are valid for 30 days from the highlighted issued date. Please note we do not send any email confirmations after you sign up or notify you when it is ready.  Also, VOE forms will not be emailed or faxed directly to you or to the DMV.

    VOE forms may be picked up from the Assistant Principal's Office ONLY during passing periods, at lunch, and after school. 
    If you are an incoming 9th grader, you must contact your Middle School for your VOE until your 1st semester at KHS is complete.  

    VOE (Verification of Enrollment) is for getting your permit and driver's license. Per State guidelines, attendance will affect students receiving a VOE. Any student that was denied credit for a class due to attendance will not be eligible for a VOE. If they did not receive credit for the 2022 - 2023 fall semester, the VOE will be denied. 

    Click here to order your VOE