• What is Equivalancy Time and Who Needs it?

    Anyone who is on a 187 day teacher contract who does NOT fill in a calendar is required to earn EQ time in exchange for the EQ days in the instructional calendar. EQ Time One Pager

    How is it tracked?

    EQ time is granted for courses through the district that happen outside of contract time. This includes: New Hire Week, evening and weekend courses, Twitter Chats and coming soon: virtual on-demand PD options.

    If a teacher wishes to receive EQ credit for another activity or course, the campus administrator must approve it and it must be tracked on campus through an eduphoria course titled: EQ Credit for <Campus>. Through this course the campus can grant teachers custom credit for EQ time accrued in this manner.


    What counts as EQ time?

    Anything approved by campus administrator that happens outside of contract hours in which teachers do not receive compensation

    • College courses can count for 6 hours per course


    What if I need to upload a certificate to Eduphoria and want EQ credit?

    Teachers can upload a certificate for their Eduphoria portfolio and request SBEC/CPE credit. The EQ credit will need to be granted at the campus level.

    In this case, campuses should only grant EQ and not SBEC/CPE so credit is not double granted.



    What are the dates to earn EQ time?

    Teachers can earn EQ credit for the following year starting the day after the last day of school and the deadline for the current year is the first Friday in May.    EQ AR


    Contact Valerie Minor with questions. valerie.minor@kellerisd.net .