Annual Survey Results

  • In December and January of the 2017-18 school year, Keller ISD asked parents, staff, and members of the community to provide feedback on various functions of the District and its leadership through surveys and focus groups, and the results have now been compiled for review.

    The survey was open from December 13, 2016-January 9, 2017, and was available by a public link on or by using unique links provided in email invitations to parents and employees. A total of 4,144 participants took the survey, which was offered in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. This was the largest response in the last four years, and a substantial increase from last year, with 3,113 participants.

    Keller ISD asked respondents for feedback on building and facility issues, curriculum and instruction, business operations, communications, and the accessibility of District leaders.

    The percentage of stakeholders who graded the District overall as an A or a B is the highest it’s been in five years. Parent responses had the largest increase, from 84 percent last year to 88 percent this year. Satisfaction with the Board of Trustees is also higher than it’s been in five years. Most notably, the percentage of respondents who are satisfied with the Board of Trustee’s awareness of community needs increased from 80 percent last year to 86 percent this year.

    These results have been analyzed by District leadership to help inform early conversations about goal-setting and action planning for the 2017-18 school year. Campus and District leaders were able to generate ideas for goals and action plans about areas of strength, as well as areas needing further exploration for growth.

    As in past years, Keller ISD will also offer the Campus Climate Survey for feedback specific to campuses. These surveys will open in late March and are scheduled to close in April.

    Click here to view the full report from the 2016-17 Keller ISD District Climate Survey.

    Click here to view the full report from the 2016-17 Focus Groups.