• Inducting New School Professionals Into Remarkable Educators

    Why INSPIRE Academy?
    Research shows that half of the teaching population leaves the profession within the first five years of beginning their careers. Texas Education Code requires an induction year for all new Texas teachers that contains a new teacher orientation and a mentor program for each new teacher. Research has also shown that effective induction programs, those programs focusing on beginning teachers, produce more current teachers. 

    Who Attends INSPIRE Academy?
    Teachers with a zero year record of service are required to attend INSPIRE Academy.
    Principals may require teachers who are returning to the classroom after a significant leave to attend INSPIRE Academy for additional support. 

    When is INSPIRE Academy?
    INSPIRE Academy classes are scheduled 4 times throughout the year. 
    In May, INSPIRE graduates attend a graduation celebration of their first year of teaching. 

    Mentoring AR
    All INSPIRE Academy Teachers will be assigned a Mentor Teacher in order to foster a positive, more engaged work environment that supports collaboration, community, and personal wellness.  See
    Professional Development - Beginning Teacher Mentoring Guidelines at this link - Mentor AR.


    Contact Valerie Minor with questions: valerie.minor@kellerisd.net