A-F Ratings

  • House Bill 2804, passed by the 84th Texas Legislature, implemented a new ratings system which requires that every campus be given an A-F rating on five different areas of performance ("domains") which will then be combined into one grade.

    Notes on the A-F Accountability Ratings System:

    • On January 6, the Texas Education Agency will release preliminary ratings based on 2016 data. These are simply sample ratings based on data from the 2016 STAAR tests.
    • The first official ratings are scheduled to be released on August 15, 2018.
    • The system is expected to evolve between now and spring 2018 based on additional input from schools, districts, and other stakeholders.
    • Keller ISD will not let these hypothetical scores distract its employees from the important work that lies ahead for our students and staff.
    • We believe we are on the right track toward providing exceptional educational opportunities for our community and we appreciate your support as our teachers continue to lead all students in engaging and effective instruction.

    Keller ISD and school districts across the state oppose the A-F rating system, which is clouded by complicated rules and calculations rather than clear and concise data that everyone can understand. The A-F ratings are not reflective of a community-based accountability system. Instead, A-F is a rating system that appears to be simple, but in fact, includes five domains, each with its own set of criterion and complicated data formulation that will not truly reflect the quality of a school or district.

    Here is what is currently known about A-F rating systems:

    • A-F rating systems are based predominantly on once-per-year standardized test scores;
    • A-F rating systems have not worked in other states;
    • To reduce the many measures of school and district performance to a single grade, A-F rating systems rely on pages upon pages of complicated rules and calculations;
    • A-F rating systems fail to account for varying socioeconomic conditions that influence performance;
    • Grades in an A-F rating system will align with wealth or poverty and likely punish poor schools for being poor;
    • A-F rating systems provide no sense of what schools must do to improve;
    • A-F rating systems create false impressions about entire neighborhoods of children and shame students.
      (Source: A-F Talking Points 2017, Texas Association of School Administrators)

    For more information about the A-F rating system, we encourage you to contact your elected representatives and ask them how ratings for the different domains will be calculated and what it will mean for your campus.

    Click here or view below to watch a brief video from Keller ISD Superintendent Dr. Randy Reid regarding KISD's stance on the A-F rating system.