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    KellerISD Athletics


               Required Forms for Athletics Participation:



    • Any participant in athletics, in any grade level will be required to complete the Medical History Form as well as get a physical prior to participation in any UIL practices, games, or matches.


     • Fill out a current Medical History form. Please note that the student AND parent must sign the form at the bottom of the page. If you mark “yes” to any questions on the medical history form, you MUST explain the answer in the box provided. • Complete all necessary online paperwork—4 forms total.


    The electronic forms can be found at https://kellersports.rankonesport.com/


    • If a student is unable to participate due to an illness/injury with proper documentation on file, they must bring a release clearing them of that injury.






    Timberview Athletic Parents:

    A few notes when completing the online paperwork:

    • There are 5 forms to complete:
    • 1) UIL Forms Signature Page;
    • 2) Helmet Medicine Insurance;
    • 3) Emergency Cards; and
    • 4) Extra Curricular Code of Conduct
    • 5) Parent Code of Conduct and Spectator Agreement

     If your student-athlete is not participating in football, the “Helmet Medicine Insurance” form is still required and must be filled out.

    The Medical History and Physical forms need to be turned in to the Front Office during Summer Hours.

    A few notes when completing the medical history and physical form:

    • The physical exam must be dated January 1, 2023, and later.
    • Any medical history questions answered “yes” need to have an explanation for each one.
    • Student and parent signatures are needed at the bottom of the medical history page.
    • Please be sure to have the doctor fill in his/her office information, including signature, address & phone number on the physical page.

    All student athletes’ paperwork must be completed prior to class participation and sport tryouts.  














    North Texas Region-USA Volleyball

    North Texas Region Tryout Information

    GT Basketball Training

    House of Hustle







    GIRLS COACHES:  Click on name to email directly


    Girls Athletic Coordinator: 

    Angela Jones


    Volleyball, Basketball, Track




    Alisha Cole                      Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Track


     David Jared                    Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Track 


     Angie Arebalos               Volleyball, Basketball, Track










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