• Timber Creek Athletics

    Timber Creek High School Athletics covers over 15 UIL sports with teams in the Varsity and sub-varsity levels for both girls and boys.

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  • Volleyball
  • Cheer
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Dance
  • Powerlifting
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country and Track
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Swim and Dive
  • Timber Creek Coaching Staff

    Last Updated: Sept. 21, 2021


    Football Head Coach
    Marshall Williams
      Defensive Coordinator Austin Kaehn
      Offensive Coordinator Cade Stone
      Run Game Coordinator Kaydon Kirby
      Special Teams Ian Henley
      Assistant Coach Tyler Wilson
      Assistant Coach Stephen Ritchie
      Assistant Coach Santos Casillas
      Assistant Coach Brian Blair
      Assistant Coach Brad Stowe
      Assistant Coach Richard Ruiz
      Assistant Coach Brad Morrow
      Assistant Coach
    Chuck Fongsamouth
      Assistant Coach Thurman Blake
      Assistant Coach Aaron Hougland
    Volleyball Head Coach Melanie Mercer
      Assistant Coach
    Adriana Vazquez
      Assistant Coach Joy Gafford
      Assistant Coach Sheila Sterling
      Assistant Coach Erika Olmstead
    Girls Basketball Head Coach Tina DeMichele
      Assistant Coach Joy Gafford
      Assistant Coach Jeremy Smith
      Assistant Coach Amanda Clarke
      Assistant Coach Tyler Wilson
    Cross Country Head Coach Vanessa Carter
      Assistant Coach Tim Thomas
      Assistant Coach Chris Simmons
    Tennis Head Coach Chris Johnson
      Assistant Coach
    Carolyn Kendrick
    Boys Basketball Head Coach Brad Mouser
      Assistant Coach Jeff Hudak
        Brian Blair
        Joe Schwochert
        Brad Stowe
    Softball Head Coach Sheila Sterling
      Assistant Coach Makelle Akins
        Erin Jayjohn
        Mitzi Cook
        Jeremy Smith
    Baseball Head Coach Chuck Wells
      Assistant Coach Kyle Mickles
        Bradley Morrow
        Santos Casillas
        Royce Tolar
    Golf Head Coach Russell Fuqua
      Asst Coach
    Michelle Wheeler
    Powerlifting Head Coach Kayden Kirby
    Girls Soccer Head Coach Taylor May
      Assistant Coach Brittany Cotrell
        Erika Olmstead
    Kirsten McMasters
    Boys Soccer Head Coach Daniel Rincon
      Assistant Coach James Fraga
        Richard Ruiz
        Sean Garcia
    Swim and Dive Head Coach Samantha Conn
      Assistant Coach Alicia Horton
    Track and Field Head Girls Coach Tim Thomas
      Assistant Coach Vanessa Carter
    Adrianna Vazquez
        Chris Simmons
      Head Boys Coach Stephen Ritchie
      Assistant Coach Cade Stone
    Chuck Fongsamouth
        Austin Kaehn
    Wrestling Head Boys Coach Jayson Conger
      Head Girls Coach Leslie Salazar
      Assistant Coach Ian Henley
    Drill Team Sky Dancers (V) Lindsay Harris
      Violet Belles (JV) Kim Cardwell
    Cheer Head Coach Alisha Fickle
      JV Coach Cathy Hickman
      9th Coach Jessica Henley