Schedule Changes

  • Master schedules are developed in the spring prior to the upcoming year.  Selections during registration indicate how many teachers and sections will be needed for a course.  The process allows administrators to plan and to hire for optimum academic strength.  When students are permitted to randomly change schedules, classes become overcrowded.  As a result, all students are affected.  Even the most effective planning is compromised.  Very seldom does a one-course change affect only one course.  Careful selection benefits everyone.  Thank you for being a crucial part of our educational team as we work together for academic excellence.

    •    Parent and student informational meetings will be held during spring registration.
    •    Students will be guided through course selection.
    •    Students who do not complete registration will have a schedule arranged for them by their counselor according to their academic needs and/or graduation plan.

    Add/Drop Date
    •    The last Friday before spring break will officially end the opportunity for course request changes for the following year.
    •    Only schedule changes pertaining to graduation plans and/or computer errors will be addressed during the following school year.
    •    A student who does not complete registration by the add/drop date will not be eligible for a schedule change.

    SAVE Committee Process
    •    The SAVE Committee is chaired by the assistant principal and is composed of the student, the parent/guardian, the teacher whose class the student is requesting to exit, and the student’s counselor.
    •    Schedule changes that are requested after the first 10 days of school that affect AP, Honors, and online classes will only be addressed through the SAVE Committee process.


    To request a SAVE Committee, a student and parent must:


    Conference with the teacher about the course.


    Complete a SAVE Committee request form.


    Submit request form to the counseling office.

    A student can request a SAVE Committee:


    Beginning the Monday of the 4th full week of the semester*


    Schedule changes for SAVE changes will only occur during the 5th full week of the semester*












    *Students may only request SAVEs during the second semester for 1-semester courses such as AP Government or AP Macroeconomics