Instructional Choice Selection Instructions

  • Below are instructions for selecting your student's 2020-21 Instructional Choice. 

    Please note that if you have multiple students, the form will need to be submitted for each of your students individually. Step 3 of the instructions below will detail how to switch between students. 

    It is recommended that this process is completed using a laptop or computer; however, mobile tips are provided in the instructions for those who would prefer to complete the process from a mobile device. 

    Families of new students who enrolled July 13 or later will utilize a separate process for submitting their selection. Please follow this link and the instructions in the email you received, and not the instructions below, if you are new to Keller ISD and enrolled on July 13 or later. 

    Click here for contact information for your student's campus if you need assistance with this process!

    Accessing the 2020-21 Keller ISD Instructional Choice Selection Form

    Screenshot of Parent Email Step 1: Log Into the Aeries Parent Portal 
    Use the URL and Username and Password information provided in your "Aeries Parent Portal – New Parent/Guardian Account Created" email sent from If you are unable to locate your initial email, visit and click "Forgot Password?" to gain access to the Aeries platform. (Contact your campus if you need further assistance.) 

    • Once you click on the URL, enter the Username in the "Email" box on the login page and click the "Next" button. 
    • Enter the Password in the "Password" box and click the "Sign In" button. Please note that upon initially signing in, you will be required to change your password. Also, if either the Username or Password is incorrect, you will see this message: "The Username and Password entered are incorrect," and you will be directed back to the page to verify and possibly correct your Username first. 

      Screenshot of Aeries Email input   Screenshot of Aeries Password entry

    If your student will be in 9th-12th grades for the 2020-21 school year, please complete Step 2. Parents of all other students can skip to Step 3.

    Screenshot of Aeries landing page Step 2: Review Course Schedule 

    • Hover your cursor over the "Classes" option on the menu bar and click the "Course Requests" menu item that appears. 
    • Mobile Tip: Tap the "Classes" item in the menu.
    • The columns from 0-9 represent the periods of the day. If you see a green checkbox in a circle under any of those columns, that means your student is scheduled in a course for that period of the day. Also, you will see a "Per" column that will represent the same information. 
    • Please ignore information that may appear at the bottom of the Course Request page that mentions requirements not being met.
    • The only classes that will be shown are those on your student's schedule that will be offered In-Person.
    • If you do not see schedule information, your student is not currently enrolled in any courses that will be offered In-Person only. Proceed to Step 3.
    • If you do see schedule information, please write down the information OR click the "Quick Print" button to save a PDF copy on your computer for reference. You will need this information for Step 3.

    Screenshot of form tabl Step 3: Access the Instructional Choice Selection Form 

    • Hover your cursor over the "Instructional Choice Selection Form" option on the menu bar and click on the "Instructional Choice Selection Form" menu item that appears. 
    • Screenshot of survey header Mobile Tip: Tap the "Instructional Choice Selection Form" option. The "Instructional Choice Selection Form" option that appears may be centered on the screen, rather than in direct alignment with the option on the menu bar. 
    • The "Instructional Choice Selection Form" will open in a new browser tab. DO NOT close the Aeries Parent Portal browser until you have completed that form. 
    • Mobile Tip: On the URL line of your mobile web browser, you should see a number that specifies how many browser tabs you have open. Clicking on that number should allow you to toggle back and forth between the form and the Aeries Parent Portal, as needed
    • Complete the form, filling out all of the required fields, and select "Submit."
      (Click here for a video from the July 27 Board Workshop providing an overview of the selection form.) 

    If you do not have additional students, please skip Step 4 and move to Step 5. 

    Step 4: Access Forms for Additional Students 

    • Screenshot of Aeries Change Student tab If you have additional students, after submitting the form for your first student, return to the "Aeries Parent Portal" tab and hover your cursor over the "Change Student" option on the navigation bar. Your other students should appear as options. 
    • Select your next student and begin again from Step 2. 
    • Once you have submitted the "Instructional Choice Selection" form for all of your students, proceed to Step 5. 
    • Please note that if you do not see one of your students listed on your account, this may be because you are not listed as "Guardian 1" for that student. At this time, only the parent/guardian listed as "Guardian 1" would have received the email to complete the survey for that student. Although there is an option to add a student, you will not be able to do so at this time. Once additional features of the Aeries portal are launched in mid-to-late August, you should see all of your students on your account at that time. At this time, Keller ISD cannot provide a verification code for you to add your student yourself. 

    Step 5: Logging Out 

    • Return to your "Aeries Parent Portal" tab to log out. 
    • Click on your email address in the top right-hand corner of the page and click the "Log Out" option in the menu. 
    • Mobile Tip: You may see a cogwheel icon Cogwheel icon instead of your email address. 

    Everything is complete and your students are ready for the 2020-21 school year!