Hybrid Courses

  • Below is a list of high school courses that will be offered as a Hybrid option for students in 9th-12th grades who select Remote Instruction, but are enrolled in one of these courses that need to be attended in person. 

    High School CTE 
    Aerospace Engineering
    Agribusiness Management and Marketing
    Animation II/Lab
    Architecture I/II
    Audio/Video Production I
    Audio/Video Production II/Lab
    Auto Tech I-II
    Civil Engineering
    Commercial Photography I
    Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    Computer Science II/III
    Construction Management I-II
    Cosmetology I-II
    Criminal Investigations
    Culinary Arts
    Digital Electronics
    Digital Media
    Dual Credit Advanced Animal Science
    Dual Credit Court Systems and Practices
    Engineering Design and Development
    Graphic Design I
    Graphic Design II/Lab
    Intro to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    Law Enforcement II
    Nail Care, Enhancements and Spa Services
    Practicum in Agriculture
    Practicum in Animation
    Practicum in Architecture
    Practicum in Audio/Video Production
    Practicum in Clinical Rotations I-II
    Practicum in CNA I-II
    Practicum in Construction
    Practicum in Culinary Arts
    Practicum in EMT
    Practicum in Graphic Design
    Practicum in IT Networking/Maintenance
    Practicum in IT Programming
    Practicum in Law
    Practicum in PCT
    Practicum in Pharmacy I-II
    Practicum in STEM-Internship
    Practicum in STEM-Mobile Classroom
    Practicum in STEM-Solar
    Practicum in Transportation
    Practicum of Education and Training
    Robotics I-II
    Scientific R&D- Vet Clinical Skills
    Veterinary Medical Applications 

    High School Athletics 
    Cross Country
    Drill Team
    Swim and Diving
    Track and Field

    High School Fine Arts 
    Choir I/II/II/IV
    Jazz Ensemble I/II/III/IV (Show Choir)
    Band I/II/III/IV
    World Music I/II/III/IV (Colorguard)
    Applied Music I/II/III/IV (Percussion)
    Orchestra I/II/III/IV
    Piano I/II/III/IV
    Theatre I (Theatre Select ONLY)
    Technical Theatre I/II/III/IV
    Theatre Production I/II/III/IV
    Musical Theatre I/II/III
    Theatre III (Directing)
    Art I Pre-AP
    Art II Drawing Pre-AP
    Art II Digital Art and Media Pre-AP
    Art II Painting Pre-AP
    Art II Sculpture Pre-AP
    Art III Drawing Pre-AP
    Art III Painting Pre-AP
    Art III Sculpture Pre-AP
    AP Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio
    AP Studio Art Two-Dimensional Design Portfolio
    AP Studio Art Three-Dimensional Design Portfolio