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Student Transfers

Transfer applications will be accepted again from October 1-November 30 for the second semester of the 2017-18 school year. Transfer applications for the start of the 2017-18 school year are no longer being accepted. For information on KISD's Early Learning Center campuses, please contact Early Learning Center North at 817-744-6700 or Early Learning Center South at 817-743-8300.

The following list of campuses are accepting new transfer applications pending space for the 2017-2018 school year. Campus availability continually changes. A campus listed below does not guarantee the requested campus or grade level will have availability. Campuses not listed are not accepting new transfers due to capacity.

Students in a transition year (i.e., moving from fourth grade to fifth grade) and currently attending a campus that is part of a feeder pattern for a school not listed, may submit an application for review.

Elementary Schools   Intermediate Schools
Basswood Elementary School   Bear Creek Intermediate School
Bette Perot Elementary School   Chisholm Trail Intermediate School
Bluebonnet Elementary School   Parkwood Hill Intermediate School
Early Learning Center North   Trinity Meadows Intermediate School
Early Learning Center South    
Florence Elementary School   Middle Schools
Freedom Elementary School   Fossil Hill Middle School
Friendship Elementary School   Keller Middle School
Heritage Elementary School   Trinity Springs Middle School
Hidden Lakes Elementary School    
Independence Elementary School    
Keller-Harvel Elementary School   High Schools
Liberty Elementary School   Central High School
North Riverside Elementary School   Fossil Ridge High School
Park Glen Elementary School    
Parkview Elementary School    
Shady Grove Elementary School    
Sunset Valley Elementary School    
Whitley Road Elementary School    
Willis Lane Elementary School    
Woodland Springs Elementary School    


Keller ISD Transfer Guidelines 

All approved transfer applications, intradistrict transfers (in district), interdistrict (out-of-district), and employee student transfers are granted for one school year at a time. Students on transfer and continuing in their current building DO NOT need to complete a new transfer application each year. For example, a third-grade student going to fourth grade or a seventh-grade student going to eighth grade, etc., does not need to complete a transfer application each year.

Transition year students must submit a new transfer application. Transition year students are students whose continuation in school results in a change in buildings – early learning center to elementary school, elementary school to intermediate school, intermediate to middle school, or middle school to high school.

Completed transfer applications are turned in to KISD Student Services. The transfer forms will be made available during the transfer windows. Contact KISD Student Services for information on transfers outside the March 1-April 30 and October 1-November 30 timeframes.



Transfer requests for the fall semester will be accepted between March 1 and April 30 of each school year and reviewed by the third week in June. Transfer requests for the spring semester will be accepted between October 1 and November 30 of each school year and reviewed by the second week in January. The receiving school principal will notify the parent of approved and denied requests.

Please be aware that transfers received outside the above timeframe may not be reviewed until after the start of school or up to 60 school business days, due to campuses conducting new enrollments on a daily basis and the potential that an approved transfer may later be revoked if grade-level capacity exceeds grade-level staffing.


Consideration of Transfer Request

In evaluating each transfer request, Keller ISD will consider:

  • Individual needs of the student and reason provided on the transfer request;
  • Student’s academic, behavior and attendance history;
  • Overall effect the transfer will have on the home and receiving school;*
  • Student’s need for special instructional services not provided at the home school;
  • Medical consideration of the student as described in a letter from the student’s medical provider (letter must be submitted with the transfer request);
  • A family request to have similar age siblings attend the same school;
  • Building capacity and any planned renovation projects;
  • Current enrollment, growth projections, and boundary issues;
  • A request to allow a student who has moved to another Keller ISD school attendance area to continue to remain in the current school he/she had been attending;
  • Teacher allocations and class size; and/or
  • Other factors relevant to a particular transfer request.

*Keller ISD will not increase staff allocations to accommodate transfer requests. Consideration of the effect of the transfer may differ at elementary and secondary schools.

Kindergarten – MUST complete Kindergarten Round-Up at the student’s zoned home campus.

Elementary – To ensure space is available at a campus for students who reside in the attendance area, Keller ISD generally will deny a request seeking transfer to campuses where the affected grade level enrollments are projected at 90 percent or greater of class size expectations.

Secondary – A variety of factors will be considered to determine whether the transfer would negatively affect the particular campus’s ability to maintain reasonable class sizes.

Feeder Pattern Progression – The approval of a transfer does not guarantee continued progression through the feeder pattern campuses.



Keller ISD does not provide transportation for transfer students unless otherwise required by law. Parents whose transfer requests are approved will be responsible for providing transportation to and from the campus.


Change of Residence

Transfer forms must be completed when a student moves into a new Keller ISD home school area but wants to remain in the school he or she has been attending. A student is considered a transfer student subject to the transfer rules beginning at the time a request is approved. A new transfer is required when a student wants to change schools.