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Student Transfers

KISD Transfer Application


Keller ISD Transfer Guidelines 

Neighborhood School Concept
The Keller Independent School District (Keller ISD) is committed to the neighborhood school concept. Where a student resides determines the schools he or she will attend. The District maintains a comprehensive student assignment plan that is designed to support the neighborhood schools concept, promote balanced enrollment and efficient use of facilities, and comply with legal requirements. Any student, kindergarten through twelfth grade or a student of an employee living outside of KISD, who wishes to attend a Keller ISD school outside of his/her, neighborhood attendance area (the " zoned home school") must complete an Intra-district Transfer Request and obtain District approval to change schools.

Procedures for Intra-district Transfer

Transfer request forms are available in the front office of each school or on the District website at www.Keller under the "Need to Know" tab and the Student Transfer link. Parents desiring an intra-district transfer must complete the request form and submit it to their zoned home school for processing. Incomplete forms will be returned for completion. Transfer requests must be approved by the principals of the home and receiving schools and the superintendent's designee before a student may change schools. A condition of every approved transfer is the requirement that the student maintain good academic standing, prompt and regular attendance, that the student maintain good behavior, and that the parent cooperate with the receiving school.


Considerations of Transfer Request
In evaluating each transfer request, Keller ISD will consider:

  • individual needs of the student and reason provided on the transfer request;
  • student's academic, behavior and attendance history
  • overall effect the transfer will have on the home and receiving school;*
  • student's need for special instructional services not provided at the home school;
  • medical condition of the student as described in a letter from the student's medical provider (letter must be submitted with the transfer request);
  • a family request to have similar age siblings attend the same school;
  • building capacity and any planned renovation projects;
  • current enrollment, growth projections, and boundary issues;
  • a request to allow a student who has moved to another Keller ISD school attendance area to continue to remain in the current school he/she has been attending;
  • teacher allocations and class size; and/or other factors relevant to a particular transfer request.

* Keller ISD will not increase staffing allocations to accommodate transfer requests. Consideration of the effect of the transfer may differ at elementary and secondary schools:

Elementary – To ensure space is available at a campus for students who reside in the attendance area, Keller ISD generally will deny a request seeking a transfer to campuses where the affected grade level enrollments are projected at 90 percent or greater of class size expectations.

  • Kindergarten students MUST complete Kindergarten Round-Up at the student's zoned home campus.

Secondary – A variety of factors will be considered to determine whether the transfer would negatively affect the particular campus's ability to maintain reasonable class sizes.

Feeder Pattern Progression – The approval of a transfer does not guarantee continued progression though the feeder pattern campuses.


Out-of-District Employee
Full time KISD employees living outside the KISD boundary are allowed to request a transfer into a KISD campus under the conditions outlined above and as long as the employee is employed with the district.

A first time KISD employee transfer request will use the same application as an Intra-district transfer, however the application form should be turned into the requested campus for review since the students home campus is outside of KISD.

If the employee's student is already on a transfer into KISD and currently attending a KISD campus but will be changing buildings due to grade level advancement the application should be turned into the current or most recent campus attended for review.


Out-of-District Students
Students residing outside of Keller ISD may fill out the Transfer Application found below. Along with the application, out-of-District students must provide a copy of their most recent semester grades, attendance record and behavior incidents (if any), a letter stating the reason the student is seeking a transfer into Keller ISD, and the name and phone of an administrator from previous campus attended.

Completed applications are to be turned in to the campus. All applications will be reviewed by the campus principal. Campus capacity and grade level enrollment will also be used in making a decision.


The campus and district administrators will attempt to make a decision on a transfer request by the following timelines. However, the District may delay a decision when the District determines a delay is necessary to properly consider relevant information and operational needs. The receiving school principal will notify the parent of approved requests. The home school principal will notify the parent of a denied request.

Transfers are effective for the beginning of a semester. A request to transfer made after the beginning of a semester will not be considered for that semester except under extenuating circumstances. Requests must be filed by the following deadlines:

Transfer requests for the fall semester will be accepted between March 1 and April 30 of each school year and reviewed by the third week in June.

Transfer requests for the spring semester will be accepted between October 1 and November 30 of each school year and reviewed by the second week in January.

Transfers submitted outside these calendar windows will be reviewed on a cases by case basis that may take up to 60 school business days.

Please be aware that transfers received during the summer months may not be reviewed until after the start of the school year due to campuses conducting new enrollments on a daily basis and the potential that an approved transfer may later be revoked if grade-level capacity exceeds grade-level staffing.


Rescission of Transfer
An Intra-district and Employee Transfer is a privilege. A student's transfer may be rescinded at any time by the principal due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Student becomes a disruption to school operation and/or a detriment to the learning of other students;
  • Student has a record of unsatisfactory academics, excessive absences, late arrivals, late pick-ups, and/or disciplinary infractions at transfer campus;
  • Student displays serious or persistent misconduct or for any offense mandating a DAEP or JJAEP placement;
  • Lack of parental cooperation;
  • Change of the student's residence;
  • Falsification of residency, transfer, or enrollment documents;
  • Grade level and/or campus enrollment exceeds capacity; and/or
  • Other relevant reasons determined by the building principal.


Keller ISD does not provide transportation for transfer students unless otherwise required by law. Parents whose transfer requests are approved will be responsible for providing transportation to and from the campus.


Change of Residence
Transfer forms must be completed when a student moves into a new Keller ISD home school area but wants to remain in the school he or she has been attending. A student is considered a transfer student subject to the transfer rules beginning at the time a request is approved. A new transfer is required when a student wants to change schools.


KISD Transfer Application