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Enrollment/Residency Information

High School Enrollment
Schedule a time to enroll your student by calling your high school to set up an appointment.


Welcome to the Keller Independent School District! Parents of enrolling students new to Keller ISD need to bring the following items with them to registration:

  • Parent Identification (Valid Photo ID)
  • Student Identification (One of the following options: Birth Certificate, Passport, Adoption Records, School ID Card, Hospital Birth Record, Church Baptismal Record, or any other legal document that establishes identity.)
  • Child's Immunization Records (Validated by a physician's signature or stamp; current immunization requirements can be found on the Health Services Page.)
  • Child's Social Security Number (optional but preferred)
  • Proof of Residency (utility bill, lease agreement, contract). If you are not a resident of Keller ISD, but you are living with someone who is a resident, the resident must complete an Affidavit of Residency form. This form is available when you register. Falsification of information by parent(s)/guardian(s) may be punishable under the TEXAS PENAL CODE, CHAP. 37, SEC. 37.10.
  • Registration Forms
    If pre-registering for 2016-17, only the completed Intent to Enroll and Home Language Survey are needed.
    If registering for the current school year, all of the forms below must be completed.

If you have any questions, please contact the individual campus.  


Residency Information Required

  • Initial Registration – If living in own residence or renting
    • Provide parent/guardian driver’s license
    • Provide current utility bill showing name, current address and date
    • Provide rental agreement or lease (If Renting Or Leasing)

  • Initial Registration – If Building In KISD
    • Provide parent/guardian driver’s license
    • Provide builders contract showing projected completion date (Must be less than six months)
    • Campus will follow Up(At Projected Completion Date)
      • Provide driver’s license with new address
      • Provide utility bill showing new address(utility deposit or connection confirmation)

  • Initial Registration – If Living In Another Person’s Residence
    • Provide parent/guardian driver’s license
    • Provide driver’s license of person responsible for (Owner Of) residence
    • Provide utility bill showing name of owner, current address and date
    • Residence owner to complete affidavit of residency (notarized)
    • If child(ren) not living with parent, provide court document or power of attorney (signed by parent /guardian and notarized)
    • Campus will follow up (In 30-60 Days & for following school years)
      • Provide parent/guardian driver’s license with residence address or utility bill in parent/guardian name showing residence address
      • Next Year – provide attending school with same/current information for proof of residency including updated Affidavit of Residency

All residency affidavits are subject to verification by campus/attendance officer and if falsification of information is determined, withdrawal is immediate in accordance with FD (legal).


Enrollment Forms: