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District Administration

Superintendent's Office
Dr. Randy Reid, Superintendent
Gaye Lynne Montemayor, Secretary to Superintendent

Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Mark Youngs, Chief Financial Officer
Debbie Rowan, Secretary to the CFO

Office of the Chief of Schools
Cecil McDaniel, Chief of Schools
Jeanette Vaquera, Educational Support Specialist
Lisa Rogers, Educational Support Budget Specialist – 817-744-1101

Bob DeJonge, Director of Athletics
Becky Spurlock, Assistant Director of Athletics
Diana Whitehead, Educational Support Specialist

Assessment & Accountability
Jennifer Price, Director of Assessment & Accountability – 817-744-1213
Marjorie Martinez, Assessment Coordinator – 817-744-1218
Kay Meseck, Assessment Coordinator – 817-744-1216
Jennifer Sanchez, Educational Support Specialist – 817-744-1219

Todd Tunnell
, Coordinator of AVID – 817-744-1211
Sharon Murphy, Educational Support Specialist – 817-744-1048

Career & Technology Education / Keller Center for Advanced Learning
Leslee Sheperd, Director of Career & Technical Education/Keller Center for Advanced Learning
Katie Wawak, KCAL Assistant Principal
Dinardo Bazile, Coordinator of Career & Technical Education
Rob Wright, Coordinator of Career & Technical Education
Patricia Gibson, Campus Secretary
Debbie Dolenz, Campus Accountant

Shellie Johnson, Executive Director of Communications
Dinene Rusler, Secretary to the Executive Director of Communications
Matt Hill, Director of Media Production
Nicole McCollum, Communications Specialist
Bryce Nieman, Web Communications Coordinator
Nicole Lyons, Web Communications Specialist
Morgan Mizell, Media Production Specialist

Assistant Superintendents of Education
Dustin Blank, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education
Kevin Hood, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education (East)
Cory Wilson, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education (West)
Trisha Baker, Educational Support Specialist

Academic Support
Lindsay Anderson, Assistant Superintendent of Academic Support
Veronica Rojo, Educational Support Specialist
Dawn Bailey, Learning Coordinator of Elementary English Language Arts – 817-744-1210
Audrey Wilson-Youngblood, Learning Coordinator, Secondary English Language Arts - 817-744-1071
Chrissy Greeling, Learning Coordinator, Elementary Mathematics – 817-744-1093
Shannon Bryant, Learning Coordinator, Secondary Mathematics – 817-744-1118
Tracy Hosek, Learning Coordinator, Science K-12 – 817-744-1235
Suzanne McGahey, Learning Coordinator, Social Studies K-12 – 817-744-1016
Vicki Arrington, Coordinator of Professional Development & Mentoring Services – 817-744-8153
Whitney Smithey, ELA Learning Coach – 817-744-1138
Kasey Smith, ELA Learning Coach – 817-744-1060
Tiffany Neal, ELA Learning Coach – 817-744-1117
Sheree Felan, ELA Learning Coach – 817-744-1129
Carolyn Helm, Math Learning Coach – 817-744-1112
Jodi Mills, Math Learning Coach – 817-744-1214
Amber Richards, Math Learning Coach – 817-744-1242
Ashlee Smith, Math Learning Coach – 817-744-1130
Joella Duran, Learning Coach – 817-744-1230
Sarra Smith, Learning Coach – 817-744-8154

Advanced Academics
Rodney Jones
, Coordinator of Advanced Academics – 817-743-8250
Sharon Murphy, Educational Support Specialist – 817-744-1048

District Instructional Resources
Cherie Crews, District Instructional Resources Specialist

Early Childhood Program
Karin Mahlenkamp, Director of Early Childhood Program – 817-744-1215
Heather Varon, Coordinator of Early Childhood – 817-744-1188
Jennifer McClain, Early Childhood Parent Educator – 817-744-1043
Melinda Smith, Educational Support Specialist

Facility Services
Hudson Huff, Executive Director of Facility Services
Karen Davis, Specialist/Assistant to the Executive Director of Facility Services
Frank Di Nella, Director of Facility Support and Services - 817-744-3952
Billy Kidd, Director of Planning & Facility Project Management

Federal Programs
Dr. Victoria Miles, Director of Federal Programs
Sharon Murphy, Educational Support Specialist

Kristin Williams, Director of Finance
Debi McKittrick, Accounts Payable Supervisor
DeArcy Robinson, Coordinator of Treasury Services
Debbie Adams, Senior Accountant – Federal Funds
Anita Crabill, SHARS Accountant
Misty Ketchum, Staff Accountant – Activity Funds
Susie Wing, Senior Accountant
Karen Fiscus, Budget Coordinator
Amanda Horn, Payment Solutions Specialist
Margie Rideout, Financial Data Analyst
Jessica Bilbrey, Finance Specialist
Shelisa Hollis, Accounts Payable Specialist
Martha Cantu, Accounts Payable Specialist
Leigh Ann Richards, Accounts Payable Specialist

Fine Arts
Kim Blann, Director of Fine Arts
David Wright, Assistant Director of Fine Arts
Missy Arnold, Fine Arts K-6 Curriculum Coordinator
Shelby Jones, Educational Support Specialist 
Beth Lopez, Educational Support Accountant  

Leah Beard, Director of Organizational Improvement and Strategic Planning

Guidance and Counseling
Jennifer Fleming, Director of Guidance and Counseling
Marcene Weatherall, Coordinator of Counseling Intervention Services – 817-744-1041
Shannon Jenkins, Lead Elementary Counselor – 817-744-1126
Brenda Long, Counseling Specialist – 817-744-1127
Gloria Reyes, Educational Support Specialist

Health Services
Cindy Parsons, RN, Director of Health Services
Colleen Wright, Educational Support Specialist

Human Resources
Tommie Johnson, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Johjania Nájera, Executive Director of Human Resources
Greg Gaston, Director of Human Resources
Sandy Garza, Director of Human Resources
Sheri Rich, Director of Employee Benefits
Sarah Johnson, Coordinator for Workers' Compensation

Language Acquisition – ESL, Bilingual, LOTE
Mary Martin, Director of Language Acquisition (ESL/Bilingual/World Languages)
Kila Bach, ELL Compliance Facilitator
Evelyn Martinez, Bilingual Program Parent Liaison/Translator – 817-744-1075
Rosa Morales, Bilingual Facilitator – 817-744-1042
Melanie Yocom, ESL Facilitator – 817-744-1090
Jude Schott, Educational Support Specialist

Learning Resources
Jeff Bradley, Director of Learning Resources – 817-744-1040
Elaine Plybon, Coordinator of Virtual & Blended Learning – 817-744-1052
Melinda Smith, Educational Support Specialist – 817-744-1222

Legal Services
Amanda Bigbee, General Counsel
Catherine Whited, Paralegal to General Counsel

Library/Media Technology
Ann Lallande, Library/Media Technology Facilitator


Linda Shults, Natatorium Manager - 817-744-1353
Todd Lindgren, Natatorium Facility Specialist - 817-744-1356
Mike Beaver, Senior Head Lifeguard - 817-744-1352

Faith Morbitzer, Director of Payroll
Mary Ramirez, Payroll Specialist II (bi-weekly employees) – 817-744-1122
Fay Watson, Payroll Specialist I (subs and monthly employees) – 817-744-1123
Rachel Watson, Payroll Accountant – 817-744-1125
Kim Cavanagh, Payroll Specialist – 817-744-1148

Lori Tudor, Director of Purchasing
Dianna Casper, Assistant Director of Purchasing
Teresa Hilario, Buyer
Shelley Williams, Buyer
Kristina Hataway, Purchasing Specialist
Deb Fontana, Purchasing Specialist


Safety and Security
Kevin Kinley, Director of Safety and Security
Donna Walsh, Educational Support Specialist 
Daniel Mitchell, Security Technician
Kyle Campbell, Fire Technician
Chris Fillmer, Mobile Security Specialist
Stan Kruljac, Mobile Security Specialist

Special Education (Annex Building)
Dr. Gena Koster, Executive Director of Special Education – 817-744-1226
Dr. Janette Hahn, Director of Special Education – 817-744-1252
Jennifer Atkinson, Coordinator of Special Education – 817-744-1294
Deanna Payne-Hammonds, Coordinator of Special Education – 817-744-1047
Jill Ross, Coordinator of Special Education – 817-744-1212
Kelly Leach, Coordinator of Special Education – 817-744-1056
Dee Kilkenny, Educational Support Specialist – 817-744-1221

Student Intervention Services
Sara Koprowski, Executive Director of Student Intervention Services
Kimberly Wilson, Learning Coordinator of Dyslexia Services - 817-744-1094
Leigh Cook, Coordinator of Student Academic Compliance – 817-744-1296
Jennifer Love, Coordinator of Student Interventions – 817-744-1228
Jennifer Martinets, Coordinator of Student Interventions – 817-744-1232
Joanna Ratliff, Coordinator of Student Interventions – 817-744-1069
Sharon Murphy, Educational Support Specialist

Student Nutrition Services
David Smith, General Manager, Sodexo

Student Services
Dr. Leanne Shivers, Executive Director of Student Services
Joseph Copeland, Student Services Coordinator
Laura Lockhart, Student Services Coordinator
Stephanie Cantu, Educational Support Specialist

Joe Griffin, Chief Technology Officer
Patti Coffey, Secretary to the Chief Technology Officer
Vaughan Hamblen, Director of Technology – Systems Integration
Rhonda Dominguez, Director of Technology – Data Analytics
Deborah Cartright, Director of Data Compliance and Records Management

Jason Lowery, General Manager, Durham
Tammy Slimp, Transportation Supervisor