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How To Log On To K-Connect From Home

    Click here or on the image above to log on to K-Connect

    If trying to access K-Connect from home or outside the Keller ISD network, follow these instructions:

    • For your "Username" type in: kellerisd\12345
      • Where "12345" is your employee ID number
      • Note the use of the backslash ("\") rather than the slash ("/")¬†typically used in Web browsing
    • Your password is your network password, the same one you use to log on to your computer or your e-mail account.
    • NOTE FOR AOL USERS: Do not use the AOL browser to access K-Connect or any Keller ISD SharePoint sites.
      • Use a separate browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) for anything that requires you to log on to the KISD network.