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Become a Keller ISD Student Ambassador!

Applications are being accepted now through Monday, October 6th!
Click here to begin your application!


Do you want to be on TV? 
Do you enjoy meeting new people and learning new skills?
Do you want to beef up your resume and become "the face of Keller ISD"?

Then we need you! The Keller ISD Student Ambassador program was launched in 2010 by the district's Media Production department. It is a public relations program designed to provide students with the opportunity to further expand their educational experience and growth at Keller ISD by developing their public speaking, presentation and content delivery skills. The program selects a group of juniors and seniors from throughout the district's high schools to serve as "the face of Keller ISD" in a number of exciting presentation and communication endeavors.

Most of the Student Ambassadors' activities will involve presenting or performing on camera in various district video projects. These might include news magazine shows, interview shows, registration programs, public service announcements and program advertisements.
Other duties may include speaking at district events, public forums, appearing in numerous other video projects, photo shoots, posters and advertising campaigns.

Students interested in becoming a Student Ambassador must be a sophomore, junior or senior in a Keller ISD school during the 2014-2015 school year. They must submit a video application, and then may be chosen to attend a 5-minute audition which will consist of reading off a teleprompter, performing a short interview and answering some simple questions about why they would like to be involved in the program. Applications are currently being accepted through Monday, October 6th, 2014.

The Student Ambassador program provides a great opportunity for students to be introduced to new situations and people where they can learn to handle themselves with poise and composure, gaining confidence and an awareness of their abilities they never had before. Use the links below to begin your journey to becoming a Keller ISD Student Ambassador!

For more information or questions, please contact:

Matt Hill, Media Production Coordinator
Phone: 817-744-6980