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STAAR 5th, 8th Grade Results Now Available Online

Results from the 5th and 8th grade State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) are now available, and this year, Keller ISD will use the Texas Education Agency's online portal to communicate students' results.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is replacing the performance label descriptors that categorize student performance on the STAAR assessments. The new performance labels are listed below:

Does Not Meet Grade Level: Students at this level have not passed the assessment.

Approaches Grade Level: Students at this level have passed the assessment.

Meets Grade Level: Students have passed the assessment and have a high likelihood of success in the next grade or course.

Masters Grade Level: This performance level is previously known as Advanced. TEA expects students at Masters Grade Level to succeed in the next grade/course.

To view your student’s STAAR results, you will receive an email with a unique access code and a link. The screenshots below will guide you through the process. Once logged in to this portal, you will be able to view any previous years' STAAR results if applicable.

1. Visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Parent Portal:

2. Enter the student’s unique access code from the email.

3. Select the month, day, and year of the student’s date of birth from the drop down menus.

4. Click the “Go” button to login.


5. Below is an example of the report. Click on the individual test subjects to see more detailed results.


If you have trouble accessing your students' results, please contact your campus for assistance.